Signed: 2021 Toyota Venza LE $33,914 MSRP - $271/mo + tax $0 DAS 36/10K Midwest

I needed something that can haul comfortably two kids for a short distance and I couldn’t wait for a better market. New Toyota Venza LE was a good solution considering that LE comes standard with TONS of options and Hybrid AWD.

It took me two days to reach out to about 6 local dealers, negotiate and close the deal. The dealer with the largest number of Venzas was willing to work with me on lowering the total lease cost. Most of the dealers were not willing to negotiate due to the limited quantity of LEs available. I was working directly (including negotiation) with a finance person and it was a breath as we spoke the same language. We agreed on the selling price and MF. I did take marked up MF to lower the selling price further. Additionally, he was concerned about going lower than 0.00040 MF after MSDs for some reason.

About Toyota Venza.
Pros: all trims are Hybrid and AWD, TONS of standard options on the lowest trim (my 19 BMW X1 didn’t have half of them at $47K MSRP), Toyota got hybrid just right
Cons: screaming 4 cylinder engine during rapid acceleration, the trunk could be bigger, lack of luxury on LE:))) lol

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Toyota Venza LE
MSRP: $33,914
Selling Price: $30,752
Monthly Payment: $271+ tax or $293 (sales tax of 7.25% and all dealer and government fees included in the payment)
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: 0.00112 (base 0.00087)
MSDs: $2,700
MF after MSDs: 0.00040 ()
Residual: $23,062
Incentives: none, local $750 customer cash will not apply for leases
Region: Midwest (Chicago burbs)
Leasehackr Score: 10.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

My 3-year-old daughter likes blue, so I got it in blueprint color. She couldn’t be happier:)



Love the quick turn around time.

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Ive been tempted to get one for myself :stuck_out_tongue:

My lease ends next week.


I would like to get that deal in NJ, Congratulations, Beautiful Car !!!

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Just curious , if you looked into it, how much more was the XLE? monthly wise?


I think it was an extra $50-$60/mo. I did test one XLE and didn’t like their softex-lined seat material so much as it was not a consideration for me. I would enjoy the auto-dimming rearview mirror and the look of 19-inch wheels I am a frugal guy and it didn’t add much value for the price. The Limited would be my choice but there are so many non-hybrid options at that price range.

What dealer in Chicago?

This deal is from over six months ago…not going to get anywhere close today. Wouldn’t even bother trying.