Signed: 2021 Tiguan $256.70 per month tax incl $700 DAS

Edited to remove VIN

Not quite as good as my last lease 2018 $650 down $225 monthly tax incl but things have changed! I posted this as a forum member asked for details. The dealership was in Escondido and I worked directly with the sales manager via email. Excellent process, took 15 minutes to sign the paperwork.


Thanks for sharing! MSRP?

$26760 - my bad for not including in original post!

Nice deal! Probably want to hide that VIN

Thanks - was sloppy in uploading that

You got any contact details for the dealership - would love to arrange something for myself

Wow that’s incredible. I wish I had your skills

Just out of curiosity… why would it matter if the VIN is showing? First, VINs are posted publicly on dealer websites and, second, you can walk up to most any car and see the VIN through the windshield.


What’s the point of hiding the VIN if OP gave the dealership location? There is none. Same foolishness as hiding license plates.

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Don’t have permission to share details but Escondido has one Volkswagen dealership.

For those that are commenting on the difficulty getting the payment competitive. I followed the advice that was posted on this forum. I researched and new exactly what my residual, money factor and current discounting on the MSRP were. I contacted the dealership that leased me my last tiguan and they blew me off, quoted me a price that was more 2k more than I ended up paying.

I found the sales manager at a dealership closer to me through linkedin and I reached out to him via email 3 times over 10 days, never heard back, went to the dealer and met with someone who couldn’t come close to the price I was looking for. The thing that saved my deal was giving my contact information to the salesperson and saying if the sales manager wanted to make a deal, to give me a call. I made a point of doing all of this at the end of the month. Got a call from the sales manager less than 2 days later and things moved quickly at that point. I guess my point is if you do your research, know what the variables are and approach multiple dealerships, at least in my case it worked out great.


Wait, I was expecting to see all your VINs and car contracts following the reply.
Not too bad to have some privacy isn’t it?

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Given today’s market, that’s a pretty decent deal!

Agree that things like VIN and license are often just hanging-out there, forget plate scanners and traffic cameras. As someone who still shreds my junk mail, curates my personal information everywhere, and responds to “give us your email” with “” (you know who sold you out instantly, and immediately land on them like a ton of bricks): what I’m trying to avoid is (1) the association between data, along with (2) how/where it’s persisted.

(simplifying to avoid the Palantir/third-party data-broker rat-hole; this gets ugly fast, but:

  • DMV knows my VIN and plates, an employee could lookup any/all (most states have laws to limit its use, civilians can’t lookup plates/people through dmv)
  • My bank knows who I pay my lease to, but nobody who works at my bank knows anything more about my car than it’s a Volvo and how much the payment is. No year, model, vin, color, license plate.

I take the point that it’s 70% theater, but there are measures that have an impact, even as dummies create public ElasticSearch dbs with default passwords, and garbage third-parties leak our data:

I’m actually in a spat with Volvo right now: just got my annual privacy and data sharing notice (which I’ve previously opted out of), it says what data is shared with affiliates AND slobs they sell your data to. It also says “call and follow the prompts to opt out” but the prompts arent there, and nothing on way too see/update on the VCFS portal. Today they got the nasty email, I have a reminder Wed to call and Fri (if they don’t respond) the consumer protection agencies, for something I am 99% sure I opted out of by the first payment (in case they reset it each year). Because if I know I opted out, and AFLAC emails “a special offer” to - my lawyer gets it.


This is what my first quote was…seems outrageous.

Zip 36551

Any tips?

VW dealership

@WilkWM My advice is to contact as many dealerships sales managers you can within 100 miles (or however far you are willing to drive) and send an email (a template of which you can find on FAQ) including your residual, money factor and one-time fees. Once you have all this established the only question is how much are the going to sell you the car for? I paid $22,500 for my Tiguan S, the closer you get to this price (assuming all other variables are matched) the lower your monthly price will be. I am no expert at this and have only leased (2) cars in my life.

Since others have contacted me about this deal, I have connected with the sales manager and he has said it’s ok to post his name and email for others to contact him directly:

Matt Smith