Signed: 2021 Q5 - $442+tax - $1971 DAS


Pretty solid deal I think considering the dwindling inventory in my area. Just under 18% off MSRP. They were being tough with the MF buy rate, but compensated with % off MSRP. In the F&I, tried negotiating Audi Care and term care stating I would not pay more than 10$ extra per month and somehow they made it work. Still trying to understand the math because the jump in residual was not enough to shrink the payment that much. Need to recheck my paperwork to see the price. Thanks everyone for being a great resource and making this an easier process. My first leasing experience was a nightmare, but the last two have been solid thanks to this forum. I used to hate the dealership, but I feel like this levels the playing field a ton.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Q5 45 Premium
MSRP: $ $50,069
Discounted Price: 41570
Monthly Payment: $442, $471 w/ tax (before adding Audi Care). After Audi Care, $481
Drive-Off Amount: $1971
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12K
MF: 0.00115
Residual: 54, 55 after audi care
Incentives: 1500 Lease credit
Region: GA
Leasehackr Score: 8.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

GA applies on total lease cost not payment.

If you post your dealer fees, reg cost too, I can give you a correct calculator.

Congrats on your deal. I had a couple of questions (just curious):

  1. What was the discount offered with buy rate MF?
  2. How were you able to negotiate such a huge discount on a refreshed model?

you sure this is a 2021 Model year ? that’s a major discount if its the new model …


Where in GA are you located? are you willing to share the dealer?

Can you post the contract without personal info?

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End of month unicorn spotted. Congrats OP!

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  1. We never looked at it hard enough to determine what the % off would be at buy rate. I just know that it would not have been anywhere near that. I did not push for it hard since I know it clearly benefits them and could result in a win/win

  2. Got lucky I suppose

yes, positive we bought a 2021 and not a 2020 MY

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Nice deal…

@jimmyj24 - That would be helpful.

I would be surprised if OP does. Even in normal times, seeing such a massive discount (even with marked up MF) on a 2021 model would have been unimaginable. Audi dealers are not known to discount their cars the same way as some BMW dealers.

I’m guessing this was probably a friends/family deal. OP probably knew someone with some pull in that dealership or group. And if that is the case, can understand why they won’t share. Either way, awesome deal! Really pays to know folks on the inside. Congrats!

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