Signed: 2021 Mercedes Benz GLE 53 AMG Financed instead of Lease

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2021 Mercedes Benz GLE 53 AMG custom order made in December. Original delivery date: April Actual delivery date: May
MSRP: $91,240
Dealer discount: $1,250 (Manufacturer put 20-inch wheels instead of 21 that I ordered smh)
Discount: 6% off MSRP
Selling Price: $84,578
Down Payment: $8,500
APR: 4.1%
Monthly Payment: $1,251
Months: 72 months
Region: NC

My justification for not going with a lease was that MF was .00160 and RV was 56% from Edmunds but the dealers around my area jacked up the MF to 0.00320 and I couldn’t negotiate down. Although my deal is already signed and financed, I would like to know what I should’ve done in this situation. There was only one dealership that was willing to do 6% off MSRP (invoice) in my state. Every other dealership was not going above 1-2% off MSRP. How much money am I losing by my decision to finance? Thanks! Plus, here are some pictures of my first Mercedes :slight_smile:

This calculator shows what the lease would look like with what NC dealerships offered.


You could have probably done better than your 4.1%


Agreed check local credit unions. Sub 3% should be doable for 72 mos pretty easily.

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You can always refinance using credit union like others said. Worth looking into.


Oh gotcha I’ll definitely consider refinancing if possible. Anything else other than the interest rate?

Seok you can maybe refinance with Carolina cooperative. I think they are still 1.99 at 72 .nice car!!! Congrats

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