Signed: 2021 KIA Seltos EX - $279 a month with $0 DAS - NJ

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Seltos EX (AWD)
MSRP: $23,700
Monthly Payment: $279.00
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00185
Residual: 61%
Incentives: 1400
Region: NYC Tri State
Leasehackr Score: 8.3
Leasehackr Calculator: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Threw the final month of current lease + disposition fee into the mix at last minute. Held them hostage until they agreed which is good for an extra $565.


Is that a new model? Never even heard of a “Seltos”

Not bad man. Congrats and enjoy.

New model for 2021

This is why car dealerships have the reputation they do. Customers say they want a more honest experience, but if dealerships have customers keep coming to dealerships routinely “Holding them hostage”, they’re gonna invent more hidden fees and surprise add-ons, and return the favor on the next guy.

Just playing devil’s advocate: What you did with the lease disposition fee is the same thing as the dealership saying “Yup everything we agreed on sounds good, but it’s just gonna be an extra $565 for Kahu alarm and then you can leave, and nope, we can’t take it off” - both are nibbling, and very much the reason behind the aftermarket-fee norm we’re starting to see more of.


11% off awesome deal

I really like the Seltos - I’ve seen a few around recently and it looks way more expensive than it is. But at only $22k, with no big lease incentives and with Hyundai’s sweet warranty, I would have just bought it instead of paying $10k to rent it for 3 years. Especially since Hyundai can’t be transferred during the term. Regardless, seems like a neat car - enjoy.


No such thing as an “honest” experience with lower tier car brands if you ask me as they play games the most.

Last I checked this forum was responsible over the years for influencing many of us on negotiation tactics such a this one. They can add all the fees they want and sucker someone else though! :slight_smile:

Dealers play their games and we play ours - at least the educated consumers do.

-Trying to pawn this basic ass car initially on an unexperienced female at $3,000 OVER MSRP and seemingly forget that there is a $1400 incentive while asking for $2800 DAS

-Quoting a super low price on a higher tier model only to switch it to a base model once on site

-Making all sorts of unicorn verbal promises and refusing to put them in writing

-Telling a customer that they can’t review a lease contract for 24 hours in NJ which is legally allowed

This and much more is what she was up against! This is why dealers get their reputation they have and the reason why I enjoy torturing them so much. Granted, this place was a MESS and one of the worst I’ve ever dealt with. Not all of them are bad, but a good deal in the northern NJ/NYC area are.

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Yea thought about that too.

Don’t know how well the value will hold on the Seltos once this COVID crap blows over and was worrying about it tanking. The MF was a little on the high side, but at least pricing is locked if it does take a dump.

Plus dealers in this area are taking full advantage of car shortage and not much on the SUV side (that she liked) can be had at this price with $0 DAS.

It’s a huge chicken and egg problem. There are honest dealers but it’s not easy to find them. Dealers say the same about the customers.

I’m a firm believer in a transparent and honest transaction on both sides. I’ve been a part of enough Hyundai deals in the NJ/NYC metro area recently to have hope that it is possible, when both sides come to the table with their best foot forward.

My wife has test driven a couple of these - the EX and the S Turbo - and she really liked them as they felt much more upscale than the MSRPs suggested. There is $1800 lease cash available in our region but it’s partially offset by the relatively high MF. Resids were good too - 63% on a 36/12K lease.

Hope you enjoy your new car. Seems a decent enough deal to me.

Looks nice! Kia did a great job with the Seltos and priced it right.

Are you sure that’s an EX? Looks like an LX AWD with those wheels.

Overall great car for the budget and perfect for city/town day-to-day driving.

It’s a great point and one I for whatever reason had never considered until a car salesman on youtube said it in a vid I saw a couple months back. They only keep going back and forth with the finance manager because the customer keeps refusing the deal, so it is a two way street. Customers feel entitled for the best deal up front, but why shouldn’t the seller?

Anyway $279 for a crossover that is AWD and not the size of a Trax is a pretty good deal, so you should be content with it IMO.

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