Signed: 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Laredo 4x4, MSRP $43k, one pay $19,232 (39/10k), effective $493/month


I was happy with this for an on the ground vehicle. Good residuals only on the Laredo and Altitude trims, and there are not many in my area. 5% discount, MF was marked up to 0.00117 from 0.00094. About $300 discrepancy from Leasehackr calculator, but they had never done a one pay lease and were reluctant to, so I didn’t push them about it.

Wish I had gotten this done last month when the residual was 4% higher :cry:

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What as the MF last month? The wranglers saw a similar RV drop, but the MF dropped with it, so the net cost change on the lease was negligible.

MF was the same (Chrysler’s standard MF).