Signed - 2021 Jeep GCL Altitude 4x4, $480/month, 1000 down, EP Pricing


Happy New Years Eve!
Signed a 2021 Jeep GCL Altitude 4x4
39 month/12k miles
EP Pricing and $500 First Responder discount
I did put $1000 down.
Mt. Orab CDJR in Ohio did great. I’ve been having trouble finding any dealer to honor my bro-in-laws EP pricing. Everything was over text and email and they delivered the vehicle to me 100 miles away. This was the only Altitude they had in stock.

2021 GCL Calculator


Congrats, really nice ride especially with the LEDs. Nicer than the new design and its been perfected over 10 years. Here in Michigan been trying to find any Grand Cherokee this passed two weeks and they are phased out. Nothing. My friend put a deposit on a Altitude like yours and ordered it 3 months ago. Still in shipping. Had to make a case with Chrysler. Long story short he was quoted 436 a month zero down with EP. Just waiting on it to ship. Its crazy. All we have now is the new L third row version. Enjoy!

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Yea I was having a hard time finding them in the first place and then getting a dealer to play ball with the EP pricing. I’m impressed with how many futures even the base model has. It has its quirks but its pretty nice overall. I do love the LEDs, they are super bright.

That’s a pretty good deal considering the market atm. :+1:

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Isn’t this the 2022?

22 GC has the similar look. This is a 21 GCL.