Signed 2021 Hyundai Palisade Limited, $608/m $0

Acura mdx base lease for $470 with $0 das and this is in a high tax NY.

They’re nice cars but I’d never compare it to an X5. Driving wise the X5 is so far beyond that of Kia. So the X5 won’t have ventilated seats for the same price but it will have a significantly stronger chassis, more powerful engine, and the feel of confidence when entering a turn at high speeds. The telluride is great if you’re buying and wanna keep it cause you want features. I went to a Hyundai dealer to look at it and the salesman experience was enough to make me walk out. I just couldn’t pay the same for a Kia as a BMW on a lease

The mdx is a vastly inferior vehicle, even in top trip, as far as modern amenities. It doesn’t compete.

The xc90 is really the only thing available that’ll get you comparable features for a comparable lease price. It’s a better vehicle, in my opinion, although with a less usable 3rd row.

(This is coming from someone with a palisade in the driveway and my last vehicle was a volvo. I would have gotten an xc90 over the palisade if the ergonomics of the xc90 worked a bit better, but the b pillar placement restricts my shoulder room too much).


Yes but what x5 are you getting at 600 a month? It would be the base with almost nothing wouldn’t it?

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What dealer?

Look through the broker section. This is essentially $670 a month if all rolled in. Brokers arent that far off for a demo X5 with MSDS. 670 is more than i’m paying for a 72k XC90 RD with just MSDS. It is all personal preference but I can’t reason such a high payment for a Hyundai/Kia. Buying would make way more sense in my opinion.

Keep in mind that as far as space goes, the x5 isn’t the competitor here, the x7 is.


You’re correct. It why they make different cars for different people. I can’t see myself ever paying that for that car but it may work out very well for some people. I’d probably buy a CPO tahoe if I was looking for something in this category.

Nothing wrong with that. Every time one of these threads comes up, however, there is inevitably someone that says “I can get an x5 for that price!” The problem is that the x5 doesnt meet some of the most basic requirements that the paluride does. If we are going to go down the “I can get a comparably equipped bmw for the same price” rabbit hole, let’s actually have the conversation. You’d need a decently equipped x7 to check off all the boxes. Now, you’d have a lot of other benefits with the x7 that the koreans don’t offer, but you’d also have a much higher price point.


yea the 3rd row is an issue on an X5.

People are paying the premium for the Palisade because the brand continues to prove that it’s a better value than its competitors for the money. People didn’t wake up going “I cant wait to own a Hyundai at $50K”. Especially with the continual hate that people that can’t get past a badge keep spewing. Hyundai/Kia/Genesis earned it. There is no doubt that the monthly payment compared to the MSRP is a bad deal if you’re leasing. But you cannot compare a single vehicle out there based on size, features, warranty, maintenance, etc and come up with a better bang for buck. Also, size-wise the Palisade competes with X7 not the X5. So you’re definitely not gonna compare those 2 lease prices. :rofl:

No doubt about this. The German brands have spent decades crafting their perception of exclusivity, but I think the reality is there are many other brands that are truthfully just as good.

I am not really into badge status per se, but the reality is if one pulls up to the country club in a base BMW X1, the valet guy and everyone else there will automatically assume it is a better car than even something like a Pallisade just because of the nameplate. This shouldn’t be a reason to buy one way or the other, but for a huge percentage of the public we can be sure that it is.

For those old enough to remember the Andre Agassi Canon camera commercials from 30 years ago…

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If you’re pulling up to the country club in a base X1, you are the valet. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I will confess I live in such a neighborhood (albeit almost assuredly the poorest one here), and it is surprising how many cars that would be considered “budget oriented” are parked in front of houses worth several million $ :grin:.


Don’t worry you’re winning the displacement wars with that V8 Camaro :mechanical_arm:

All jokes aside, IDK about the rest of the country but around Philly the club lots are full of every price point, tons of people self-park, and it’s close to a binary world of people who mostly (A) have never given a moments thought to what anyone else drives, or (B) are car enthusiasts who know that a Palisade is a much better vehicle than an X1.


Having just looked at least near me the cheapest X5 lease with around the down payment is ~$750/mth low spec. Inventory is pretty depleted and they are popular right now. You’re better finding a 2020 loaner and financing.

I was looking at houses in some gated community where you’re not allow to even park in your driveway overnight. When I used to live among some NFLers, their spouses/partners all had Range Rovers. That’s pretty successful as a brand.

Thank goodness that is not the case where I live, that would not work for an LHer with too many cars and not enough space, LOL

That said, we are not allowed to park on the street overnight, but the driveway is fair game😁

My neighborhood HOA has become less strict, we can now street park and park in our driveways, but the streets weren’t designed for it, so people with duramaxs and RAM 2500s park in the street, and you often have to swerve over the medium in a wide car to avoid hitting them.