SIGNED! - 2021 Honda Passport AWD EX-L/Sticker: $40,035/$430 monthly/$430 DAS

Hello Hackrs!

This is my first ever post, so apologies if I screwed anything up format-wise.

First off, here’s the link to my SIGNED! entry (including contract upload): SIGNED! DEAL | LEASEHACKR

2021 Honda Passport AWD EX-L
Modern Steel Metallic w/Black Leather
Sticker: $40,035 (MSRP + Destination)
$1,000 Loyalty
$430.49 per month (tax included)
$430 (1st months payment) DAS

Anyway, the above should satiate you hardcore “just the facts ma’am” Hackrs who don’t tolerate no jibber jabber (you know who you are).

The below however is some additional commentary for those of you who enjoy taking the scenic route…

So, I’ve been looking for awhile now. Was initially trying to get into an Elite trim (Honda’s top of the line), but the best quote I ever got on that was $530 per month (tax included) with $530 (1st months payment) DAS. This was without question an incredible deal, especially given the current market conditions, but it was the wrong side of $500, and just more than I was comfortable spending.

Decided I had to reevaluate so went two steps down to the EX-L trim (but still had to have the AWD, cause I hate FWD which is the only other option for Honda).

Ended up pulling the trigger at Sierra Honda in Monrovia, CA. They just got new ownership so Corporate allocated them a ton of inventory. They had 7 AWD EX-L’s and 6 or 7 FWD EX-L’s, when all other local dealerships have/had 1 or 2 Passports in total.

Most likely why they were willing to give me this deal. No one else even came close, despite the fact that the 2022 Passport is completely redesigned.

Anyway, even this dealership seemed like it was gonna be a bust…

  • Initial lease quote: $680 per month (tax included)/$680 DAS
  • Informed them of my $530 Elite quote (on a $45k MSRP)
  • Second round: $515 per month (tax included)/$515 DAS
  • Told him that if I wanted to pay $500+ per month I’d rather pay it for that Elite trim from the other dealership
  • Third time is almost charm: $460 per month (tax included)/$460 DAS
  • Told him I wanted to be in the low $400’s (like $410-$415)
  • And we have a winner: $430 per month (tax included)/$430 DAS
  • I was taking this deal no matter what. It was the best I’d received after many months and hundreds of emails, but I still had to try…
  • Counter offer: $420 per month (tax included)/$420 DAS
  • No dice.
  • Let’s meet in the middle: $425 per month (tax included)/$425 DAS
  • Nope, $430 was their floor and they wouldn’t go any lower.
  • Told him I had to think about it (I was waiting to hear back from one final dealership). I wasn’t too concerned about this deal falling through, because again, they had 7 of these cars on the lot.
  • Other dealership finally gets back to me the next morning with a quote in the $590’s. I tell him I have one for $430, and he tells me to take it. Won’t even entertain coming anywhere near that number.
  • An hour later I was sitting in Sierra Honda of Monrovia signing papers.
  • Was initially planning on going for the Obsidian Blue Pearl color, but the interior leather color which they list as grey is really really light and I imagine very easy to get dirty, especially since I’ll be hauling my pup around in it.

This is the Blue that I didn’t get:

And this is that super light grey interior:

And this is the aforementioned pup:

Thanks for reading, and here’s hoping I didn’t break any forum rules.

Happy 2022 Everyone!!


Congrats on the new ride!

Was there any trade involved?

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Thank you sir!

No, no trade in, we still have the other Honda that I received the loyalty for. It was just the $430 1st months payment out of pocket.

What’s the payment before tax?

Nice job of negotiating…

You obviously took your time… and stuck to your game plan!

Enjoy your Honda!


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$393.14 base
$37. 35 sales tax (9.5%)
$430.49 total monthly

Thank you kindly!

Not bad deal based on today’s market! Congrats! Enjoy!

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These are great deals, got a similar deal a few months back. It’s a fantastic car too, rides great, super smooth engine, tons of room, just enough tech.


Nice deal. I am looking at 3 row SUVs, including the pilot, nice to see Honda is leasing pretty well

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Congrats on yours! And agreed, it rides very smoothly. Speaking of tons on room, I’m coming from a Subaru Forester, so I’m still getting used to how wide the Passport is.

Thank you! Yeah I’m happy with it. It’s basically a shorter 2 row Pilot. As far as them leasing well, it took me quite awhile to find this deal, kind of a “all the planets aligned” type of thing, but I hope you have a much easier time of it.

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