Signed-2021 honda accord sport 2.ot 36/10k

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2021 HONDA ACCORD SPORT 2.OT
MSRP: $33500
Selling Price:29500
Monthly Payment: $ 355
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1190
Annual Mileage: 12000
Leasehackr Score:8.4 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Was shopping from BMW M3 all the way to accord
M3 only has 500 loytaly monthly payment around 1200 including tax with 2500 down-Pass
M340 in CA got a great deal with 2500 down 640 including tax monthly, I even post one topic for share a deal, till someone told me the missing speakers issue. Have to pass again
Then I found a local Honda dealer offering this 2.0 accord. really love the color, not the best deal I know but cant go wrong with Honda for sure. save some money though Lmao
Sharing some pics.


Enjoy the ride :slight_smile: it pulls hard for being an accord. Good choice on the color !!


Love the color!!!

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Congrats! Best color on this car


Interesting you cross shopped an M3/340M to an Accord.

The Accord 2.0 is a fine car fyi…

Congrats and enjoy

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Thanks a lot

Yeah I agree this is the only color available in fact, I had no choice

Might have equity at the end too, can’t say that about a bummer, i mean bimmer

Nice, I recently got the 1.5t- $1200/$275

Nice, MSRP?

$29675 msrp, $26300 out the door

Love the car getting its new paint destroyed behind the blue one

Looks awesome. I have the base model 2020 and love it

For this period the base MF is .00066, other than that it looks like a good deal and a beautiful color. Enjoy it.

Quite the ride from an M340i, to a fully loaded 330i and to finally an Accord. That color looks amazing.