Signed ! - 2021 Camaro LT1 MSRP $43,590 $389 a month / 0 DAS

So I finally did it and joined the Camaro gang :sweat_smile:

Locked in this deal on the last day of the month in March while I was down in Brazil last week vacationing. As some of you know, I just completed a transfer of a BMW recently and I had been looking on a replacement vehicle. Nothing (and I mean, nothing) is leasing well, so I had to concentrate again on the Camaro. Initially reached out to this dealer mid month and was also working on another car out in PA which was less equipped ($37K MSRP) and had them down to ~$320 / 0 DAS, but between this car and that one, I HAD to go with this one.

I said to myself, “am I really going to cry over a $60 a month payment or actually get the car/options that I want”. The hacker in my wants to get the cheapest payment, but I didnt want to get a car I wouldnt be happy with. Ended up calling the dealership first thing in the morning to lock in the deal (as I was worried April incentives/RV/MF would change). Took about 2hrs of back and forth, as I had to text over copies of current reg/license and add the car to my insurance, etc. Thankfully I had pictures of my current registration on my phone (for conquest) and I also had my work laptop with me, as they asked me for my current paystub (supplier code). They couldnt verify my work ID as it doesnt have the firms name on it (like most work IDs), etc.

When I asked the salesmen over the phone that day "Have you ever had a customer buy/lease a car from 6,000 miles away? He couldnt believe that I was on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro leasing a car.

Im in northern NJ, and this dealership was up in Wallingford, CT (about 2hrs away) and they were great to deal with. Salesman was a great guy. Chatted with him for about 10 min or so while waiting for the finance mgr, and then I went in to sign. They had everything dated with March 31st and I was literally done in 20 min signing.

Car is an absolute beast and the 6spd tranny mated with the dual mode exhaust is pure thrill.
Total joy driving this thing home yesterday lmaoo…

Note: The car did not have the front fascia splitter installed. Not sure how I even missed that, but once I got home, I opened the trunk and saw the front fascia parts in there. Im guessing they missed to install it during pre-delivery inspection. The care literally came off the truck last week, as it was just delivered to the dealership. I texted the salesman and he said he will take care of it and let me know today. Im not sure what they’re going to do about it, given Im 2hrs away. Honestly, the car still looks great without it, so Im hoping they give me some sort of cash credit for it. I doubt Im going to drive back to the dealer to get it installed given Im so far away.

Redline Edition - $2,565.00
Recaro Performance Front Seats - $1,595.00
RS Package - $1,495.00
Dual Mode Exhaust - $995.00
Technology Package - $900.00
Front Fascia (Black Satin) - $650.00
Red Brake Calipers - $395.00

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 Coupe
MSRP: $43,590.00
Selling Price: $41,892.45
Monthly Payment: $389
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00028
Residual: 63%
Incentives: $2,500.00 ($1,750 Conquest + $750 Supplier)
Region: Northeast (Tri-State Area)
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:




Aw man what a BEAST! Nice deal too!

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I never saw RS and Redline together. Curious, though, that they charge full price on both packages when they overlap. Both come with upgraded wheels, for example, which is likely the biggest ticket item in each. So Chevy is double charging.

For you, great lease, though. :slight_smile:

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BEAST! I just saw a review of this car but convertible on YouTube. I love it!!!

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Yeah, they definitely overlap with the wheels but the Redline wheels are different than the RS wheels.
The Redline wheels are a 5 Star black painted wheel with red accents and the RS wheels are silver wheels. Most of the RS package vehicles also come with the $800 Carbon Flash wheels (which is also a black wheel) so you get double dinged there too. But yes, to answer your question Chevy is basically “double dipping”


Great looking car. Enjoy!

And way to close the deal like a boss!

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Dope. That was the exact build I wanted but had to pull the trigger as my other deals were convenient and just too well priced. In retrospect I would have gladly paid more to get the car I wanted.

Enjoy that thing, I would never say you overpaid by $60! If anything were all underpaying for what we get


Yeah the 36-38K MSRP’s I shopped were coming in around $320-$325ish.

Figured If Im going the Camaro route, I might as well go alittle bananas and get it spec’d
like I want.

For the money, this car is def a no brainer !

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Exact same spec I’d want to have one too and there’s none available near me lol!

One quick question, so by using the supplier coupon, is the selling price standard supplier pricing? I don’t see a reason Chevy dealer would go under but feel like I should double check with you…


Recaros, 6 spd, and sports exhaust…

They should’ve built every one of them like that! Perfect spec

Congrats and enjoy

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Congrats. That seemed like a long journey, but hey you get a way better spec.

I installed this trunk strap today. It would fit perfectly with your red theme

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Link to the strap?

Install vid

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I did just order a storage bin that fits in between the center console and seat from Amazon.

What I realized that (other than the center fold up console) there is literally no storage bins anywhere. No door pockets or ashtray area to leave a cell phone, sunglasses, etc

Yea there almost zero storage space. I thought about the bins as well, just not sure if I liked the look of it or not.
I got LED reverse light kit from iJDMtoy. Hopefully it’s a big improvement over stock halogens, which suck

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Great deal … I followed the same path and paid the premium for a better build. The 6MT + Recaros + NPP is a great combo. Really fun to drive

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Nice spec! Definitely won’t regret getting what you wanted, the looks offer a lot of value as does the performance. I wish I had been able to get the Recaro seats, they look awesome. Enjoy!

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Just got a call from the salesman regarding the black satin front fascia (splitter) they forgot to install.

He initially wanted me to come back to the dealership some day to get it installed but given it’s 2hrs away (each way) that would take up an entire day of my time (and money) to go back there. I let him know if it’s possible to either have the local dealer install it (at their cost) or either have them refund me some money as I’m not really interested in that front splitter.

What’s really weird is that the car has the redline package (already has a front end ground effects splitter) so not sure how the Black Satin Fascia would even go underneath that? Usually the splitter come on cars without the Redline Pkg.

His general mgr is out of the office until Monday but the salesman said they’d work something out. I honestly would be happier if they refunded that portion of the option as it’s probably impossible to have both the Redline ground effects AND Black Fascia. I wouldn’t want them removing the redline ground effects to install a $650 fascia. He said that’s a possibility.

Anyone have thoughts on how I should handle this?

I assume the dealer you return to will never know the difference whether the splitter is on there or not. You could get some cash back, and gamble. Risk getting dinged in the end. I guess it depend on how much the refund is.

LED reverse lights if anyone is interested

The dealer or lease end inspector would never know, but the point is that it was on the sticker (as a dealer installed option) and I paid for it.

I could care less about it honestly, as I think the Redline ground effects looks nicer.

I told him the easiest would be to just refund me. Question is does he refund $650 or pro-rated (residualized) portion of that?