Signed-2021 Camaro LT1 MSRP $41,670. $256+Tax. DAS: First and Reg. 7.6% off Inc Healthcare + $3250 in Rebates

First off, huge shoutout to @JD81 for finding this one. It was all him.

Please do not reach out to him asking to replicate. This car was advertised on LH by JD and after a week or so, I grabbed it

MSRP: $41,670
Healthcare brought it down to: $40,145 (3.65% discount)
Then, dealer discounted another $1653 or 3.97%
Total Dealer Discount w Healthcare - 7.62%

Rebates: $1000 GM Card Kicker, Plus $2250 Total Conquest

64% RV

Rolled in $500 Shipping Charge

$475 @ Signing for First and DMV
$285.96/Month Inc 6.25% tax and also shipping.

If you or someone you know in MA would like this car, it’ll be up for transfer in 6 months at the end of July

Screen Shot 2021-01-28 at 9.58.15 AM


Brokers always having the edge! :blush:

Enjoy the car

plenty of money left over to get the obligatory barbed wire arm tattoo…


haha def not a broker edge. Just have to fall in love with a nurse and take out a free GM card :slight_smile:


Awesome job on this one!

Seriously, when am I going to get tired of seeing these LT1 deals!!!


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Without a lot of peer pressure from both you and JD, this wouldnt have happened. Let’s be clear on that haha

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I’m sorry, but I’ve just got to do it because this is the only way we can level set LT1 deals specifically…

0.686% and that INCLUDES SHIPPING.


Both you guys have confirmed the LH pecking order here, your deals blow mine out of the water so badly it is not even funny!

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Without shipping you are at an incredible 0.655%. This has to be close to bottom feeding?!!!??!

Before anyone calls out the fine print, I ignored the slightly higher first payment with the DMV rolled in. Even accounting for that and with shipping its stil 0.69x%.

and a carton of these


Don’t forget the Poison cassette tape…Boy oh boy look at what the cat has dragged in with all of these LT1.

But how are we going to play the cassettes in this thing? Perhaps we need to find the one remaining radios shack store that is open and see if they have an add on cassette player we can screw into the bottom of the dash and hack into the speaker wiring 1980s style.


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Hey i offered this car to anyone looking lol. @Bostoncarconcierge had the extra 1k cash and we negotiated a bit further which i also offered.


Congrats! Pics? What colors did you get?

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Just kidding. Always good to lower leases posted. Helps the community out

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Just Docusigned last night and it will hit the truck by Monday COB.

Dealer is going to send me photos today once they install the front splitter and side rockers.

It’s the wild cherry!

@JD81 show photos of the twin



Were going to be twins :crab:


Congrats, hell of a deal!

Good work. The more I see the front splitter the more I want to get it. Makes the front end look mean, and IMO better than the SS.

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Not the best pics and it’s covered in snow now. Rims are getting powdered coated in a few months.


Ughh, your NYS registration sticker (although temp) is misplaced above the inspection sticker and activating my OCD.

Make sure you put the permanent one next to it and not above