Signed: 2021 Camaro LT1 - $41,375 MSRP - 39/10 - $325/mo + tax - $514 DAS

After selling my first LT1, I seriously regretted it. So after a few months of waiting and hunting, I’m finally got back into the LT1 gang. This deal is around $20/mo than my 1st LT1 but for the times, it doesn’t get better than this. I gotta give a special thanks to @Bostoncarconcierge for helping me secure this deal, Im definitely going to keep this one for term or until market recovers.

Year, Make, Model: 2021 Chevy Camaro LT1 (Auto/Side Skirts/Splitter/Tech/Dual Mode)
MSRP: $41,375
Selling Price: $39,894 (Supplier)
Monthly Payment: $325 + tax ($356 total)
Drive-Off Amount: $514
MSDs: None
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00013
Residual: 63%
Incentives: $2,500 ($1,750 Conquest + $750 GM Supplier)
Region: Northeast
Leasehackr Score: 10.3 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


PS: Photos don’t show splitter & rockers installed, car hasn’t arrived yet!


Awesome classy spec, enjoy in good health OP!

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Nicely done! I’m happy to see another white LT1 hit the boards as well✔️

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Congrats! Will almost be my twin!

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but mine’s faster :rofl:

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I almost went with an auto, but couldn’t do it. The manual with rev match in this car is too much fun. Either car is going to be spin city anyway with the all seasons.


I don’t understand how y’all are getting these deals. Dealers in Iowa, Missouri and Minnesota are regularly marking up price saying it’s a desirable as a”corvette”. I have had three dealers say that to me.

One offered me LT1 with $0 DAS for $489 FOR A $38k MSRP. I don’t qualify for supplier but for conquest and healthcare which is like $250 less than supplier but not a single dealer ready to work with in three states. Just gonna wait till brutal winters kick in Midwest with 6” snow, surely Camaros aren’t gonna fly off dealer lots then

Another great deal that makes my spidey rule of thumb sense tingle. And looking at the numbers in the calc, i say bravo


Try to use numbers from calculator to propose deals to the dealer. Being end of month helps. Next month is end of quarter too


You may have to go to five or 10 times that number of dealers to find someone who will play.

Iowa MO have like a handful of dealers who carry camaro if any at all. Most of them have truck inventory exclusively. Gonna visit IL this Labor Day maybe someone will bite there

Side skirts, splitter, and black spoiler/mirrors? I know where that car came from. :wink:

Welcome (back) to the club!

I just rolled over 750 miles on mine today and found my plates finally showed up when I got home.


You will probably have to expand your search outside of your immediate area.

I think there is a common misconception here that someone is going to reach out to 10 dealers and 5 will come back with competing offers.

Most of the dealers I reached in January for Camaro didn’t even come close to to $3xx. Gave me the Bs line about “it’s a v8”

The only dealer that made me a reasonable offer wouldn’t budge a cent.
So I got a “good” deal but it was also the only acceptable deal

Yo @LeaseNYC

First of all congrats and welcome back to the club lol.

How do you compare the Auto to the 6MT? I know your first one was stick. Curious to know differences first hand …

For you others that now have a hard on again for these, I say just wait it out till this fall/winter (if you can) on a 2022. Should be plentiful with new inventory and Camaros generally don’t sell well in the middle of winter and also puts you in a better negotiating position. By all means hunt 2021’s but if you can wait, all the better…

Welcome Back to the gang :sweden:

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Na never ending up getting manual first time around, i chickened out :joy:

It’s a blast, but the shifter is trash.

I could’ve swore it was you on LI that bought a 6MT on site without ever driving one. Must’ve been someone else lol :laughing:

Def not as nice as German gearboxes.