Signed: 2021 Camaro LT1 - $40,175 MSRP - 39/10 - $319/mo + tax - 1st & DMV DAS

Year, Make, Model: 2021 Chevy Camaro LT1 (Manual/Side Skirts/Sunroof/Tech/Dual Mode)
MSRP: $40,175
Selling Price: $38,802 (Supplier)
Monthly Payment: $319 + tax ($328 total)
Drive-Off Amount: $578
MSDs: None
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: ~0.000174 (slight, slight markup?)
Residual: 63%
Incentives: $2,250 ($1,500 Conquest + $750 GM Supplier)
Region: Northeast
Leasehackr Score: 10.1 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: [CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR ]

Very happy to have landed this deal. I had an SS 1LE in the past and really enjoy these cars I missed having a muscle car around after selling my Hellcat and unfortunately missed out on the LT1 deals the first time around.

I still have to pay for shipping and added a front splitter since the car was optioned with the side skirts only and I thought it would look odd without something on the front.

Thanks to @LeaseNYC @spockvr6 @Bostoncarconcierge @Benedetto for all the help, support, and inspiration in putting this deal together. Picture below is a quick snap from the dealer. I will take some better ones once I have the car in my hands and give it a good bath.


Looking sharp !

Is it just me or the white has a ivory/creme tint to it.

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Enjoy it congrats!

Happy a handful of good people could benefit from this deal


Welcome to the club :cowboy_hat_face:
Is the sales tax only 3% where you live?

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Yep, NC tax (highway use tax) is only 3%.

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It think it’s just dirt, haha :slightly_smiling_face: The splitter was just installed when this was taken and they were probably waiting for everything to be installed before giving it the final wash. I am not too concerned as I am sure it is going to get dirty again while in transit.

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Thanks man!

How much extra was the splitter?

It was around $650 installed, but I was able to offset it with $250 from my GM Buypower card.

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It is a pure bright white🕶


Very very well done @RobC2 ! Welcome
to the LT1 club!

Thank you sir!

Beautiful choice on that color and that front splitter. As you know I am being a copycat and will have that same splitter on mine in a week or so😊

I honestly thought the Holiday 2020 LT1 bonanza was going to be it. The fact that a summer 2021 Bonanza V2 has been possible (considering everything else that is going on) is unbelievable!

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Thanks! That splitter will look great on your car! I am already planning on putting my GM Rewards from this purchase plus next year’s allotment of Buypower Rewards towards a satin black blade spoiler.

Congrats! This looks like a fun toy for $328/month.

I’ve got the itch for something fun.

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The 2022s are starting to be built, so this might be the last chance if you can find one. How can you pass up a 455 HP V8 and your choice of two excellent transmissions at this price? Even if the chassis was kind of rubbish it would still be a good value, but it is actually really great.

One cant! Theres just…no…way…to…do…it…Ive tried and failed.

The bang for the buck is insane. And, if one was just dumb lucky like I was and got in on LT1 Bonanza V1, sold and then got lucky again for V2 bonanza, the effective payment with the proceeds from the first one make the car like $2xx/mo.


Excellent deal man and welcome to the club!

The only thing I would want from the 2022’s is that new Rapid Blue color :heart_eyes:


The car arrived today! I added some new pictures to the first post, but it still really needs a wash. This is the lowest mileage I have ever seen on a new car. I also wasn’t sure I would make it to the gas station, but I did.