SIGNED! - 2021 Camaro LT1 - $40,175 MSRP - 39/10 - $315/mo + tax - 1st & DMV DAS

Big thanks to @Bostoncarconcierge for making the dealer connection. This was one of the cars I was targeting and having a connection streamlined things a lot.

The total payment is $350/mo. This includes tax and the shipping to my house. That number was my target on one of these, so rolling in the $550 for shipping and avoiding a 12hr round trip drive seemed worth it.

Could I have theoretically done a bit better? Maybe. But, I really didn’t feel like I was in a position to be as aggressive as usual. 6MT, NPP, and Sunroof cars are few and far between and dealers willing to deal even more so. So, I’m super happy with the deal. It’s a lot of car for the money, especially in this market.


LT1 mania continues congrats :point_right:

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Thats a hell of a deal for a sweet ride! Congrats!

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Very nicely done! You should be very happy with this deal. 350 a month all in on this thing is killer. I am tickled pink to see the LT1 bonanza part 2 commencing😊.

I was planning on joining the LT1 crew part two again today, but my cars arrival to the dealer was pushed out 4 days, so it looks like sometime next week. Im at $358 on a 39/10 with just first at signing on $41,XXX so pretty much in line with your deal (as no shipping on mine).

Any chance to replicate this deal and/or could you post the lease breakdown so I can attempt to replicate?

I’m also OK with going through a broker. I already messaged @Bostoncarconcierge with an inquiry.


You are probably going to need GM Supplier to get something along the lines of what is posted here.

I posted my contract in my thread so you can see the breakdown!

Correct. I should’ve mentioned that. I know it’s implied in the other Camaro thread but not necessarily here. This was with supplier and a special regional offer that I don’t know the availability of in other states. That was in lieu of lease conquest, and was easier for me as it just required I currently own OR lease a 2007 or newer non-GM vehicle. I probably would’ve qualified for conquest too, but it would be with a household vehicle that’s not in my name and that we haven’t had for 30 days yet, so it was a bit trickier.

I don’t see any way to get anywhere close to those numbers otherwise. Those two things were good for $3100 on this car.

My car was shown as 3800 status, built and waiting to be bayed for shipping when I placed the deposit. I got a text the next morning from my sales guy saying he showed up for work and it was sitting there on the lot. It still showed 3800 status. So, who knows what the deal is with the tracking on these cars. The fact that it had landed just made me even more solid on going ahead with the deal.

Did you agree to a price/terms before placing your deposit on the incoming vehicle?

I had a sales guy tell me I need to submit a credit app in order to put deposit on an incoming unit. When I told him I wanted to see the sales price/terms on paper, his manager told him I needed to submit the credit app to get those as well. No dice.

Yes. And I never would do it any other way. Any dealership that demands a credit app upfront is not someone I would ever do business with. The credit app wasn’t completed until the car arrived and all the paperwork was being processed, just like with every other car I’ve ever bought/leased.


I hope you agree but I think our sales guy is top notch. Polite, hustled, never once rushed us, and is proactive.

Definitely has that upstate NY charm.

Best sales experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve bought 3 cars from a longtime friend. I wouldn’t hesitate to start with him if I ever want another GM.

This banter between @Bostoncarconcierge and @B5RT is so sweet I think I got a cavity.


welcome to the club. this is a no brainer deal!!!

Even a cave man can do it?

From a monthly all in price … yes. Now how to get there, well that can be a tad bit of a challenge

Sent @Bostoncarconcierge a message and am interested!

Great detail, thanks for sharing @B5RT

Nothing to share they’re all spoken for my friend

On deals like this ya gotta…

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