Signed: 2021 Camaro LT1 $318/m $600 DAS

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Camaro LT1
MSRP: $37,715
Selling Price:$36,546
Monthly Payment: $318
Drive-Off Amount: $600
Annual Mileage:10
Region: north east. NY
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Forgot to post this here last month. Got an LT1 on January 12th 2021, 6 speed manual, with the 8" infotainment and Bose system and RS package. Had to drive all they way up to the Catskills in NY to get it but the drive back to Jersey was definitely worth it. Love the car so far, the launch control and the 0-60 timing is pretty impressive for a car thats under $350 per month. I just need to tint this windows and get some black rims and I’ll be 100% happy with the car :).


Nice ride… congrats





Congrats and welcome to the club!

Thanks you sir!!

Near perfect build, just missing the NPP dual mode exhaust. The standard exhaust is still loud and sounds good, just don’t listen to the NPP. It’s like when I see the 8" infotainment screen, I get jealous.

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Agreed, this is a decent build for the LT1 (especially at this deal). However, the standard exhaust is horrible and doesn’t hold a candle to the NPP IMO. I wasn’t even out of the lot during the test drive and I hated the sound.

You’re 100% right… my issue is, to me both are not loud enough so i’m at the point where I want to say yolo and do a muffler delete or spend the money and do a bolt on catback that way when I’m returning the car I can put stock exhaust back on it, sell the used exhaust and have no issues with the GM. I’ve never done any modifications to any of my previous lease vehicles so I’m not sure how strict they are with muffler deletes.

After 2 months driving this car, I do agree. Morning cold starts in sport mode still loud as hell and sounds great, but I have gotten used to it and wouldn’t mind getting a Borla if I owned it.

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Yeah, you can never have too much noise haha. If you don’t mind the constant loud, I would go the aftermarket route. As far as returning your lease… as long as the exhaust is returned back to stock, it shouldn’t be an issue.

You and me both!! My 2SS isn’t my daily (or a lease) but there are times where I wish the NPP had a bit more volume. I would like to get into a Borla system as well, but I can’t swallow the ~$2K bill (to keep the NPP function)… and that if I installed it. The factory system (NPP) is PLENTY loud enough on cold start.

I’ve heard Borla ATAK is the way to go but 2k for it is a lot… I wouldn’t mind if it was my car but at this point there is no way I’ll spend that much money on it. I saw MBRP 3" axle-back go for less than $500 but I’m not sure if there is a big difference between axle back and muffle delete…:thinking::thinking:

Yes, I think the Borla is one of the best but you obviously pay a pretty penny for it too. Several of the MBRP exhausts (axle back’s) are essentially muffler deletes, so it depends.

An axle back system will typically have a muffler (or two), whereas a muffler delete has straight pipes from the mid pipe back. They are also usually made of a little better materials than you would find with some shop job.

My family took my parents out for brunch on Saturday. We ate outside. Around 11a the wait became large outside. A group of young women were standing around our LT1 and 1 woman even placed her purse on my trunk.

My 16 yo daughter took my key fob, tapped papa on the shoiuder and said, “Papa. Watch this.”

She then auto started the car with the sport exhaust. This group of 12 jumped out of their skin. The entire patio erupted in laughter.

My 70 yo mother then said to my kids, “Oh, my. Now that’s aggressive sounding.”

We LOVE the sport dual exhaust!


That’s what happens when you touch dads LT1 :grin:


Lmao damn you didn’t think of recording it? Lol that would of been golden to watch :smiley:

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Cant do that with a Tesla!


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No, just make fart noises instead.