SIGNED: 2021 BMW 330e demo, $51770 MSRP, $322/month after tax credit, Owners Choice

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This is an Owner’s Choice deal only available in GA, TX, and IL. Dealer does not have a similar car to replicate deal. If you don’t know about the Owner’s Choice program, do a search for previous threads that discuss in greater detail. Sold my previous 330e to Vroom for a $8k gain.

2021 BMW 330e demo (black/black)
$51,770 MSRP
9478 miles
$41,665 sales price ($10,105 discount)
$3500 rebates ($1000 lease, $2000 loyalty, $500 USAA)
3.43% interest rate - buy rate
$3750 fees (dealer fee, tax, and tag)
$7500 down for $273 payment

If I had put down $5836 (amount of tax credit), then payment would have been $322


Damage disclosure? That’s an insane discount (in these times) on a remaining 2021. Good work!

No damage. Light scratches on the hood and trunk that they’re going to buff out when I have time to bring it in.

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That’s awesome! Again, great work! Good to see a non-Jeep deal around here for once. :rofl:


Congrats! Nice hack :+1:t4:

Great job. Congrats

Finally a good lease post other than a Wrangler LoL

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You can actually make this deal even sweeter by applying for the Texas TCEQ Light-duty motor vehicle purchase program rebate.

The state of TX reintroduced this EV rebate for 2021 and retroactively applied it to any eligible EV vehicle sold since Sep '21. The rebate is good for New and Demo vehicles as long as they still have a MSO (manufacturer’s statement of origin) and have not yet been titled.

Given that you did Owner’s Choice, you qualify for the full $2,500 rebate as you technically purchased the vehicle (as opposed to leased it).

This will likely get your effective monthly payment under $250 which is fantastic in this market.

Here is link to apply: Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality -

Oh nice, program is back on! It was tapped out the last time I checked in on it.

I didn’t realize TX would provide a rebate for GA residents. That’s awesome!!! :sunglasses:

Im in IL looking to lease a 3series but not electric

Why would owners choice lease be more beneficial than general lease?

“If you don’t know about the Owner’s Choice program, do a search for previous threads that discuss in greater detail.”

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I will


Did you end up being able to apply for this as a Georgia resident? Was this deal made in GA or TX?

This was purchased in GA and I am a Georgia resident.