Signed! 2021 Audi Q8 55 Premium - MSRP $73,620 - $3400 DAS $819/m - Nevada


7.4 isn’t as high as the A6 deal I did last week that got a 9.7, but after scouring the forums, talking to brokers, Audi desk guys across the country, this seems to be (currently) an insane msrp discount of 10% plus costco for Q8. This deal was a gigantic headache, which ultimately lead to the GM getting involved, multiple visits, etc. They ended up honoring the agreed upon deal in the end. Shoutout to @DonnyAudi for helping answering the questions I presented even though it wasn’t a deal he was involved in. Shows a lot of class and integrity. All in all we have a happy gf :slight_smile:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Audi Q8 55 Premium
MSRP: $73,620
Selling Price: $66,258
Monthly Payment: $819
Drive-Off Amount: $3400 ($2500 cash + $900 trade equity)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00087
Residual: 54%
Incentives: $2000 costco
Region: Nevada
Leasehackr Score: 7.4
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


IMG_2289 IMG_2285 IMG_2283 IMG_2274 IMG_2273 IMG_2271


Q8 for a GF? I think the score she’s looking for is off the charts! haha

Anyways, sharp looking cars and considering not much out there discount/incentive wise, overall a good deal. Enjoy the cars!

Autonation is the worst. Their dealers have no class.
I would never deal with them ever again the future. I currently have a BMW through one of their dealers.

Q8 looks sick- think that GF will become wifey now.

10% off on a unit like this from an AutoNation dealer is a great result. Any reason for not doing MSDs not Audi care?

Sweet looking car OP! Congrats!!!

Q8 for gf? That is a wifey level request tell her she needs to upgrade to the next tier lol

MSDs would require her selling more crypto for cash, her crypto portfolio is earning absurd ROI, to get a marginal benefit of MSD discount.

As for Audicare, my last 2 cars were Mercedes E class leases, and I just would wait for the oil change specials of $99 from the dealer and utilize that. Honestly I am not well versed on Audi cars/maintenance issues so was just intuitively pulling from my prior strategy with both my E classes. Do you forsee any issue with this? Both of my lease returns with Mercedes went fine fwiw (yes I know its a different brand/terms/rules etc) any insight would be appreciated ty.

Primary benefit with Audi and Audicare is it adds 1% to your RV and you could just roll it into the residualized lease. That, plus the benefit of covering 100% of the services for 10-20-30k maintenance, it pays back pretty well.

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Autonation sucks! That’s the bottom line.

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Yikes. Back in 2008, I bought a dominos pizza for some bitcoin.

You were really ahead of the curve! BTC didn’t come out until 2009 :wink:

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