Signed 2020 XC90 T5

First post, 2nd lease. Thanks to the forum. Got a lot of useful information.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 XC90 T5
MSRP: $ 53000
Monthly Payment: $ 413+tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 1288
Months: 36
Annual Mileage:10K
Residual: 60
Region: Bay area
10 MSD 5000
Leasehkr score 10.2

I have a-plan, but dealer told me current offer is better than a-plan. Used costco member to get 1250 off. Definitely not as good as South Cal deals, but it seems ok in Bay area.


A plan has a discount limit, sometimes dealers skirt that, but very very very very rarely.

what’s your discount, incentives (loyalty, etc)? 2500 in lease cash IIRC for NorCal on the T5 Mom.

What was your selling price before incentives? So incentives were the lease cash and Costco I assume.

Based on your numbers you got 11.7% off MSRP before lease cash and Costco incentives. That is pretty good discount since folks recently have been posting of only 9-10% off before incentives only. You think SoCal dealers can do better on the preincentive discount?

Yes, lease cash and Costco only.

Not sure the reason. I checked with 3 local dealers. Got same feedback regarding to a plan.

What was your dealer may I ask?

@hello Can you share a few numbers from your lease contract:

  1. Agreed Upon Value of Vehicle (line 7 I think of your agreement)
  2. Line 6b Rebates & Non-Cash Credits
  3. Line 9 Adjusted Cap Cost

Thanks in advance for sharing.