Signed: 2020 Volvo XC60 T5 Inscription AWD Loaner

Hey Everyone, we managed to sign the deal on the XC60 loaner I posted about last week. The final details were as follows:

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 XC60 T5 Inscription AWD
MSRP: $52,945
Monthly Payment: $362
Drive-Off Amount: $6,917.10 ($4,000 is MSD)
Annual Mileage:12,000
Residual: 58.3% (Loaner with 4,500 mi)
Incentives: $1,500 (Medical), $2,000 (Dealer Cash)
Region: Midwest
Leasehackr Score: 11.2 years

Overall very happy with the deal. The salesman stuck with the deal promised, the only slight surprise was how high the registration/license cost was. I went back and verified against my Audi from when I first registered it and ultimately they were accurate in their quote.

The dealer is based in the Chicagoland area and I’m happy to share some details regarding the salesman if anyone is looking for a Volvo in that area, just message me.

Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Don’t forget your $500 Allstate Bonus Drive rebate!

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As much as I love a free $500 unfortunately mine doesn’t apply. It looks like the Allstate program requires vehicles with less than 1,000 miles, whereas mine has 4,500. Has anyone had luck applying with a vehicle that passes that 1,000 mile threshold?

So loaners aren’t supposed to work, however, I know of at least one person who applied with a loaner and got a check. Although it was on a Hyundai, not a Volvo, so your mileage may vary.

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Oh damn, sorry!

I applied as well on my loaner but it was rejected because of the timeframe; mileage never came up. Perhaps it never got to that “check”.

Sweet deal! Was this Oak Park?

What packages do you have on it?


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No worries at all! I may still give it a shot. I can’t think of a way in which it would hurt…

This dealer was in the Schaumburg area, though I talked to Oak Park and pretty much every other Chicagoland dealer.

The car has: Inscription Pack, 20 " Inscription rims, Heated Rear & Steering and Premier Protection Pack.

Nice! Enjoy the car. I have some pet peeves with the car that I’ll share:

  1. I cannot set the default drive mode to something other than Comfort when I turn on the car.
  2. Changing the driver profile takes like 45 seconds
  3. If I’m scrolling through the direction buttons to change the station, the center screen won’t scroll to see where station I’m on
  4. Pilot Assist disengages without really warning you
  5. There really isn’t enough storage space (no sunglass holders)
  6. It’s 2020. This car still doesn’t have usb ports in the back.
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  1. Yup. Probably for the best, though (for me) since I have Individual Mode set to the dynamic settings.
  2. Also seems like nothing actually saves to the driver profile. Just about every time I get in the climate settings are completely random.
  3. Hmm, haven’t experienced that. Will check it out later.
  4. Yup.
  5. Oh, but you can install one (OEM even!) by removing your driver oh-shit handle.
  6. Yup.

Biggest gripe for me so far (and I LOVE this car) is the lack of climate control from the OnCall App. I’d even be happy just to have it remember the last climate settings upon exit (so I could crank the heat/defrost to prepare for a cold morning remote start).

  1. Actually a lot saves to driver profile. Your music favorites on SXM, your mirrors, seating pos, what color LEDs you like. There’s a process to changing things to your driver profile, and then assigning it to a key. Then the car is smart enough to detect which key. The climate settings I believe are what you set it to last time if I remember. You just have to enable the setting when you create a driving profile to auto save your preferences.

Because you auto save your preferences, you can have the app remember the last climate settings upon exit so when you start up the car via OnCall it will do it on the last setting. Try it, it does it automatically on mine.

Really nice car!

Enjoy the ride!

Yes, I was being a bit dramatic by saying “nothing” actually saves.

I’v tried paired-to-key, not paired-to-key, auto-save changes on, auto-save changes off, creating a new profile from defaults, pairing a second key to profile 2…

I’ve started to take a picture every time I get in the car to “log” what the climate settings initiate to. Went for a driving scavenger hunt with the kids yesterday and when we got back I cranked the heat to “HI”, fan to max, defroster, etc., then went to settings, profiles, and hit the floppy disk to save current settings to profile. This morning I remote started from the app. When I got in the car the driver temp was set to “HI”, passenger temp set to “72”, driver seat and steering wheel heater to full and passenger seat heater was off. (F*%$ng nonsense right?)

Short of actual confirmation from Volvo, I can 100% confirm that when remote-starting, the climate seems to be limited to 72 degrees until you turn the ignition. This was a big frustration for me as it doesn’t really defrost or really get that warm on those cold cold January 4am commutes.

Next step is factory default and start fresh. Haven’t gotten to that yet since I sort of “forget” until I go to start the thing and see what new climate settings I get surprised with :rofl:

Have you activated auto seat heating and such/is it an option on your vehicle?

It sounds like it saved your driver’s settings and not the passenger. The key knows who is driving but not who (if anyone) is riding shotgun.

Did you try locking your profile?

You have to be an Allstate customer to receive that rebate, correct?

OP, nice truck…

No, not correct. They specifically state membership is not required.

Thanks for confirming…

Sheesh, with first responder rebates, lease/loyalty cash, additional $500 post rebate and finally MSD’s, it’s pretty cheap to lease a Volvo this month…

When you remote start the car it defaults to 72 degrees. Drivers seat heat and steering wheel come on with remote start if programmed (below a certain temp)