Signed: 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR V6 4x4 in Texas

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Toyota Tacoma SR V6 4x4
MSRP: $35711
Monthly Payment: $199
Drive-Off Amount: $199 (first month payment)
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00110
Residual: 84%
Incentives: $1,500
Region: Southwest

I’ve been looking for a replacement vehicle for a while and after seeing some threads on here decided to reach out to a couple of dealers nearby to see what the market was like for these a month or so ago but didn’t sense there was a deal to be had. Checked back in a month later and involved most dealerships with inventory in a 300 mile radius and started negotiating. Most dealerships took my inquiry as merely looking for “any Tacoma with 4x4 and V6 - oh we’ll get you in an Off Road! When can you come by the dealership?” so I had to explain why I was looking for this specific model. Found a willing participant in a local dealer and they made it happen the next day after they did a dealer trade. Fortunately for me the dealer trade came with full tint, handle guards, door edge guards, and floor mats for free among other options. Texas has 6.25% tax upfront on selling price but if you play around with the numbers for a region like Colorado I got pretty close. If anyone would like contact info for my salesperson, send me a PM although I can’t promise this deal will be replicated he’ll definitely take care of you.

Shoutout to @derekoh1991 @Jrouleau426 and others that helped me along the way, much appreciated! I couldn’t have done this deal without this forum.


What’s the bank?

How much was the dealer discount?

US Bank, haven’t you read all the :taco: threads! @whowhatwhenwhere what extras are on the window sticker, mine was only $33683 MSRP. Like the red, would have been my first choice

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Not everyone has. So they need to be aware of that before trying to replicate this at a Toyota dealer that only uses TFS

They ain’t got that residual :wink:

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US Bank, TFS was 83% residual for 24/12 but then you can’t use the $1,500 Toyota incentive

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TFS might make sense in TX if tax credits are offered.

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Hey all, new user to the forums, but have been browsing topics for over a year. I wanted to post a lease deal I signed, but can’t find where I can create a new topic. Are new users not allowed to create topics for a period of time?

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Correct, if you look into your profile there’s a minimum requirement to read something like 10 different threads and do some other things to familiarize yourself with the site before you can post.

Would you send me the dealer info.
I am looking for a Tacoma lease in TX.
Any one got a better deal than this during Covid discounts?

If you search you will see a rare sub 100 tacoma deal in the last two months. But that was not texas!

No, not with Texas, for sure!

whowhat send you a message. Live in Dallas and would like to see if I can reach out to your sales person.