Signed: 2020 Toyota Camry SE $264/Month w $2500 DAS

Be as specific as possible in the title if you are posting a deal – include car model, monthly payment, and money down.

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I traded in a vehicle Mazda Cx9 : $2500.00


2020 Toyota Camry SE:
MSRP: $28226.00
Sell Price : $26,232.87
Monthly Payment: $264.93
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:12000
MF: .00003
Residual: 59%
Incentives: 0
Region: South Florida

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Congrats on the new car. Really like the way these look. Your title is a bit misleading though as you essentially put $2500 down.


Yeah not so great effective monthly payment is $335.00 a month.


Hopefully that $2,500 was not a lowball offer by the dealer too. Enjoy the car OP!

OP did you check carvana or vroom so readers can compare your deal to theirs without a trade?

Negative without the trade in the monthly payment with taxes was $310

247.60 + 70 (2500) = 317 + tax

I did the homework before accepting the offer from the trading. Vroom offered me $2500 thats why I accepted. Not only that the vehicle was leaking water from the water pump and the whole water pump needed to be replaced. The dealer didn’t say a thing about because I made sure there was enough Antifreeze on the tank so they didn’t realize. I truly believe is still a good deal didn’t put a penny out of pocket and no dealer fees.

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247.60 is with the trade in

Exactly and we are trying to calculate the deal without the trade in so we can know the actual monthly payment. In every deal you should always separate the trade in and treated as a separate transaction so you can know exactly what you are getting.