Signed 2020 Tacoma TRD Sport ( My first lease )

First ever lease. Went for a Tacoma TRD Sport 4x4 V6 Auto. I was really patient. Started emailing dealers about a month ago. I had an idea of the numbers I was going for based on some offers outside of my state on here, I kept waiting. Well today someone came through. let me know how I did!

2020 Toyota TRD Sport 4x4 Auto, Crew Cab ( V6 )
MSRP: $ 39,014
Sell Price: 34,323
Monthly Payment: $ 275 Including Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 400 including first month payment and tags
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 15K
MF: .0024
Residual: 79%
Incentives: $1000
Region: Ohio
Leasehackr Score: 13
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Looks like a good deal. What bank is it, Ally?

Hey thanks! Sure was Ally. When I emailed dealers I said from the get go I wanted to use Ally for the lease. This was essentially $250 a month before taxes 15K a year and really nothing down. I just paid for my first month and tags. The finance guy said he was pretty jealous. I’m super happy!

that really is a great deal

Great deal esp with 15k!

Solid deal. Did you run the numbers with 24 months?

I didn’t even think about it to be honest. Ally does 27 and 39 months so I was already set on 39. I think for 24 I would have used Toyota finance or maybe US bank but from what I’ve seen the RV is really good with Ally. I should have done the 27 for comparison but didn’t even think about it. Next time I will :slight_smile:

Ally 39 is like $40-50/mo cheaper then 27. If you only want one for 2 years just swapalease it. At these prices you can prob make an extra $1000 on top, not have to worry about wear and tear, tires/brakes and the dispo fee.

this is my first ever post here - so forgive the total newbishness of this - but you’re paying 275/mo and your drive-off was only 400? I don’t understand - does that mean you didn’t put a big deposit down?

Yes that’s what OP is saying. $275/m with only $400 DAS. Use the Search function and you will find plenty of deals for Tacomas for under $300 with only 1st month due. If your near Philly contact @Jrouleau426 and he will hook you up.


Great work!

Like other mentioned that was correct. $400 is all I paid at the dealer and that included my first month payment and tags ( what they said anyway ) - $275 a month 15K/year for 39 months and that included tax in my area which is 6.5% - TRD sport 4x4 Crew Cab Auto -

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I’m in Columbus, would you mind sharing dealer info and contract copy. I’ll see if a dealer is willing to match it.

First looks looks like a great deal to me.

Second why ask to go thru all vs Toyota? Better residual? I didnt know that was an option asking for different bank…good info

Yes. Much Better. The Finance manager told me he only does about 4 Ally leases a year. I’m sure it’s beneficial to them in someway to just use Toyota Finance, and most people don’t even question it sure.

I’m curious why this is, seems like Toyota frowns upon it or something. These dealers could make a ton of money if they used these other banks(markup the rate and still be lower than TFS)

I’m sure their comp structure is much better using in-house financing. Ford finance is most profitable part of that company.
If you wanna use a non dealer banking arm, just get a broker and then shop around banks who work with that brand and you’ll get better numbers and not even have to deal with the games that go on at the dealership. US Bank is legit and does a ton of leasing.