Signed - 2020 RX 350 AWD Base 20K miles per year

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Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Lexus RX 350 AWD Base
MSRP: $53,700
Monthly Payment: $672.86
Drive-Off Amount: $1,066.95
Months: 27
Annual Mileage: 20,000
MF: .000005
Residual: 55.396% ($29,748)
Incentives: $1,750 Lease Cash, $1,000 Morgan Stanley Incentive
Region: New York City Suburbs
Leasehackr Score: 7
Leasehackr Calculator:

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A lot of looks, but not a single comment? Good, bad, or indifferent?

I think it’s more so harder for people to relate as 20k is not a common lease mileage. Also you have 1 too many 0 in your mf

Got it. Still I got a discount of over 10% off sticker plus the base money factor, lease cash, & Morgan Stanley incentive. The discount was on par with what some of the brokers were offering.

My Mom actually drives 25,000 miles per year (the 2016 Cayenne she traded in on the RX had 80,000 miles on it).

Just curious, why lease if you drive so much?

I assume the lower monthly payment is more palpable short term than getting a loan to buy the car and paying high monthlies until paid off.

Depreciation, the highest cost of vehicle ownership is fixed on a lease. No matter what happens in the next 27 months, my Mom’s Lexus won’t lose any more value than stated in the lease agreement. If she were to buy (and pay higher monthly payments), she’d trade the RX350 in within 3 years. At that point it would have over 70,000 miles. All the other RX’s on the lot like hers would at least 1/2 the miles, maybe less. That’s assuming her car is in perfect condition with no dings on the car fax.

Yes. Her monthly payment is $674. If she were to take a loan out, the payments would be somewhere in the $833 per month range before factoring in interest.

What’s the Morgan Stanley incentive link to it please?

There’s no link to it. You have to call your broker and they will email you a copy.

Have to be a reserve client no?

YES. I believe so.