Signed - 2020 MB GLE350 4Matic -


Great Deal. Can you share how I would post my own topic? Im new to this site.

Pretty sure this falls under the “should have posted before you signed, but enjoy the car” section.


He did… and 12% pre-incentive discount at buy rate on a new GLE isn’t anything to scoff at.


It’s not that bad. Comparing broker deals, it’s pretty good, higher than some broker discounts.
Scratch that, for Colorado, this is solid!

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Looks like a Colorado deal, tag updated

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You get a heart solely because you took the time to make a simple lease calculation spreadsheet. This is what everyone should do, I love it :+1:


Residual is actually 57% so they’re showing it based on net cap cost which is weird but whatever, it’s a decent enough deal.

What I don’t understand however is why Mercedes sells any car that takes 7.1 seconds to get to 60mph in 2020. I love the look of the GLE but a 4 banger just isn’t enough power for a 64k car in this case.

Read this: READ ME FIRST: Getting Started With Leasehackr Forum.

Because the buyers don’t care.

Pretty solid deal. Enjoy the car!

Obviously, as @max_g said…buyers don’t care. If it was important to them, then the GLE would be collecting dust on dealer’s lots. It’s also a good way for MB to try and upsell the V6 for thousands more $$$ :slight_smile:

I don’t know what the take rate is on the V6 vs the I4 but I see way more I4 on the road than V6 models.

But you could have leased a Telluride for that ;). 7 seconds to 60 is plenty quick in an SUV (coming from a guy that’s owned cars that did it in half that).

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I just took delivery of a 2020 GLE 350 4matic and it is an incredibly well built (solid as a tank) vehicle. I had a 2017 E300 with the turbo 4 for 37K miles and it had good performance. Sorry but the Telluride is not in the same class, albeit a very nice vehicle.

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Yeah. All this talk of 0 to 60… my wife can careless about that. She just likes MBUX system and how “smooth” the care drives compared to the fast cars lol. To each their own… I just go get what my wife want and use this forum to get it with a decent deal. Like others have pointed out… this is a Colorado deal not California. She’s happy so I’m happy. Thank you everyone for the comments!

My trick is not let my wife drive anything too nice, keeps her expectations low!


I check 5 dealers in the southeast and the best discount I could find was about $2k off MSRP before adding back dealer fee. This deal seems solid just based on the dealer discount. Anyone aware of a dealer on the east coast / southeast that would do a deal like this?

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