Signed: 2020 Lexus RX350 - TX - $555/month - 1st Month Payment Due at Signing

2020 Lexus RX350
MSRP: $ 54,250
Discount: 4,822 + 2000 lease cash = 6,822 (12.5%)
Tax - $474.28 (Tax incentives)
Acq/Reg/License Fees - $1,148
Months: 27
Annual Mileage: 10
MF: .00005
Residual: 34,178
Incentives: 2,000 lease cash
Monthly Payment: $555
Drive-Off Amount: $ First Month Payment only
Region: TX

Not the best deal out there but given it is a 2020 model and the majority of the dealerships in TX were only willing to budge around 4-6% before incentives, I jumped on this one. The low MF and tax incentives made it very favorable and am happy with the lease which is for my wife.

If you are in TX and looking for an honest salesman and dealership, PM me

Looks like a very solid deal. Dealers have been pretty aggressive on 2019 discounts, but not 2020. I’m also in Texas shopping for a 2020 for my wife.

I tried plugged it into the calculator, does this look about right? I added sales tax of $474.78 as Govt Fees. The monthly comes out very close. I’m gonna PM you.

Sales tax in texas is levied on the entire sales price so it’d be just about $3k upfront or $114/mo if rolled in

I think he got a tax credit, otherwise the numbers don’t work.

There is sales tax credit for Lexus right now. It is 1% sales tax.

This is the calc

Oh ok right on!

-another texan

Just want to thank dloco - picked up a 2020 RX350 today from the same dealer based on his referral!


Fyi, the new December incentives just came out and they have a 750 loyalty cash incentive this month. This will make the DEAl 526/month for the deal I got.

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Not sure how to use this website. I PM’d you. Could you please pass along the dealer info.

Got the same deal as dlatx and dloco above using dloco’s referral. I got in and out of the dealership in about an hour’s time. This deal was ~$50/mo cheaper than the neighboring dealership’s “best offer” without the shenanigans. Thanks again dloco!


looking for the deal as well. Can you let me know which dealership? Thank you!!

Great deal, which dealership were you working with? I’m here in Dallas tx.

Pmed you the information

Could I also please get the dealer info for this.

Hey dloco - could you give me the dealer’s info? Appreciate it.

Westside Lexus Houston , Sam Chau 8323489656

Let him know David Lo sent you

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