Signed: 2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 4x4


MSRP: $43,695
Selling price: $42,180
Incentives: $7,500
RV: $24,907
MF: .00152 (Through local credit union)
DAS: $450
Term: 36 months/12k
Location: Metro NY

There are very few of these vehicles left in the area and I felt they were less apt to dig deep for a good deal.

Originally quoted $390 with ~$2,100 DAS (approx, don’t have the number in front of me)

All taxes and fees rolled in was quoted $450 with $450 DAS.

Trade in: $2,000 (check cut, not rolled in)

Lease calculator got me about $436 but I’m not sure I did it correctly.

How did I do?

Well it sounds like you signed already… but my opinion is the deal is average to above average. Discount is weak but decent incentives, would be helpful if you itemized the incentives, so we can understand what you did or didn’t get. Sounds like your best move was going through your credit union because it seems like you got a higher RV vs the CCAP offer (53%) plus probably IDL cash (?) to offset the higher MF. Seems around the same as the offers from @Cars4Us

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Thanks for your quick reply.

I was originally quoted on the deal through CCAP with $5,250 in incentives (2250 lease cash,1000 bonus cash, 500 conquest, 500 1st responder and 1000 NE cash). The next day I went to the dealer after some research anticipating on signing the deal but “CCAP changed their residuals and MF.” So, we had to go with the local credit union to maintain the same rates. TBH, I didn’t ask them to itemize out the 7500 through the Credit Union.

And yes, I signed the deal but came here for peace of mind and a litmus test. Thanks to you and anyone else offering a reply.

Post the contract without personal info

Update the title to say “Signed” and change the category to “Shared Deals”

Done. Any other opinions?

Congrats and enjoy your new ride! Post pics in the Trophy Garage 2

Seems fine. I think my deal (on a 2017 ~4 years ago) was similar. IIRC it was $450/mo with 0 DAS for 36/12k but don’t have the docs on hand. Don’t think you’d get an amazing deal on such a popular vehicle. The bigger concern here is paying so much for such an old platform, but you could extend the “overpriced” argument to any car these days. It’s a good all-rounder and there’s just something about the styling that makes people love it (I like it too).