Signed 2020 Honda Accord Sport 1.5 T $210/mo with taxes and $2K tdas

Hackers what’s your verdict on this deal? Signed already so I will accept any beat up.

This is my second lease this month of Sept. Last lease signed was 09/11/2020 for a Toyota Camry SE.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Honda Accord 1.5 T Sport
MSRP: $ 27,935
Sale Price : $23,235
Monthly Payment: $245 includes taxes (with 10.25% tax rate) at $750 TDAS (includes all fees, taxes, registration and first month)

or $2000 TDAS at $209/mo. I placed $2k down so $209 taxes included.

I was targeting a rainy/covid deal posted here at $238 with Orange County taxes included (12k miles/36mos ). Six dealerships around my area said it cannot be done or replicated, they stopped talking to me. Lol. I have been negotiating this since Labor Day and most dealerships ran out of a black Honda Sport 1.5T, they said black exterior always sell fast. While I am planning to do a second Camry SE lease, the color I wanted is not available (package with blind spot monitoring is not available too) plus Toyota guys kept telling me I will be paying more if I do a second lease as the programs/rebates changed already. So I drove next door to Honda, saw a black Honda Accord Sport 1.5T at front, I think buyer backed out or did not return, asked if it was available and I tried negotiating again. Dealer notes states that I was the guy known as “He’s gonna ask his wife a hundred times” so I told them I will sign right now, I will not ask my wife anymore if you give at $230, finance guys were quoting me at $260, ready to walk out, offered me $250, still walking out and they say last deal $245. I closed the deal. So $7 difference ($238) with orange county tax rate around 8% I guess is a good deal. What do you guys think?

Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: .00049 accdg to Edmunds
Residual: $16,481
Incentives: Don’t know how they pulled the numbers or what incentives were given, I did not qualify for college grad or loyalty)
Region: Socal
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I think it is a great deal compared to what I was quoted by a really good broker on here.

Looking into Camry SE/Accord Sport at 24 months, maybe 36 for the Accord or a K5 GT line but need to sell my car first. After leasing a cheap Camry SE in 2015 and cheap Volt (asian conquest) in 2017, I bought a used es350 (great buy so far) and a used Audi A7 (high maintenance lol) I regret not continuing with at least one lease. Hopefully by next month, selling Audi before registration due in Nov.

This is a great deal especially in this market.

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Sweet deal. I’m surprised Toyota didn’t want to work with you knowing you were coming off an original toyota SE lease. What were they quoting you on the SE? $300+ ?

I’d be very happy with that deal. I hope you enjoy the car. The 1.5 T plus CVT is one of the best engine/transmission setups you can get in a midsize sedan. Far more satisfying than the lethargic, tall-geared Camry 4 cyl. The only downside to Honda sedans these days is the overly firm seating, but that’s just personal preference.

Totally agree. I just picked up the 2020 Accord LX. That engine and smooth ride is fantastic. Much better than the 2018 Civic EX-T that I turned it (although I loved that car too). The bottom line is you can’t go wrong with a Honda

The engine is the same as the Civic

No - The Civic is 1.5L with 172hp, the Accord 1.5L has 192hp

Same engine with different tune :slight_smile:

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