Signed: 2020 Chevy Bolt Premiere - $234/mo - 0 DAS

Thanks to everyone on the forum for all the input. First quote I got was for $286/mo on an LT. Ended up with a fully loaded premier for less!

I thought this was a solid deal for a non-incentive state like CA.

2020 Chevy Bolt Premiere
MSRP - $44,130
Sale price: $40,633
Monthly Payment without tax: $234.92
Monthly Payment with tax: $249.02
Money Due at signing: 0 - Sign and drive
Months 36
Miles: 12k
MF: .00053
Residual: 52%
Incentives: $13,250 (total)

  • $8,250 Lease cash
  • $2,500 dealer cash
  • $1,500 Lease Loyalty (current volt/bolt lessee)
  • $1,000 Dealer added bonus
  • Supplier discount

Region: Midwest

Leasehackr Score: 16.1 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: Score


Solid Deal! Congrats!

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This is nuts! I wish we can get this in Bay Area! Congrats!

The motor city does not do electric well. I knew more about my volt when i leased it than the salesperson did. Some dealers don’t even stock bolts. If you are willing to pay for shipping i am betting you could get a phenomenal deal from a cold-weather, non-incentive state.

Isn’t that residual for 15k?

ya that residual should be for 15k,
36/10k : 53%
36/12k : 52%
36/10k : 50%
for all LT and Prem.

you are right. I messed that up - corrected on calc

Any details on this? Thanks!

No, the dealer just informed me I was getting an additional $1,000 off. All I know is that they want to move them while GM is offering the $8,500 credit.

Great deal. I’m not sure what you meant by the above…

What I mean by this was that a lot of the bolt deals posted in CA get a much lower net because of all the rebates -2020 Chevy Bolt LT with fast charging

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Fixed that

Wow, really great deal. Congrats! What’s the supplier discount?

It’s a percentage off MSRP - they did not break it down for me in the docs so I don’t know exactly. But it is effectively the same thing that costco was offering in December on certain models.

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I had a really good experience with this dealer. I thought I would refer the person I dealt with for others in the Upper midwest that are looking at a bolt. I’m not getting anything in return. Just wanted to share with everyone here.

Contact Travis at Crispin Chevy - tcasey[at]

Just to update forum, looks like $2,500 dealer cash is gone for February per Edmunds.

Just thought I would add my deal to this thread rather than start another:

2019 Bolt Premier - MSRP $44,010
Sale Price - $34,160
Monthly payment without tax (no tax in NJ for EVs) - $229
Money due at signing - $300 (Motor Vehicle Reg)
Months: 36
Miles: 15K

1st month payment included in the above

I did have $500 GM lease loyalty
also had $1000 GM card bonus earnings, plus about $500 of actual earnings
Region - NJ

Incredible dealer (bought a Volt from them YEARS ago) but unfortunately this was the only Bolt in inventory


That sales price is really good. What dealer cash/incentives/money factor/RV were used when you leased yours? Your sales price with the Jan 20’ incentives would have likely netted a low $100s payment with the GM card reward.

Hi Matt,

Not sure what incentives (other than the ones I mentioned) / money factor he used. I did attempt to negotiate with MANY dealers on a '20… and figures were much higher. The closest was an LT with comfort group and high speed charging for $249… which is a much less expensive Bolt.

Interesting, so this was recently? I would be curious to see the lease sheet. My guess is the MF was bumped up quite a bit, but good deal regardless!