Signed 2020 Bolt Premier 36/12 One Pay $7700

Just signed a White 2020 Bolt EV Premier with full options from Dublin Chevrolet. They delivered the car directly to my home and I did my signing on my driveway. Very convenient! I work with Yevgeny through a request from This might be easily replicable since Boardwalk would like to match the price and Steven Creek (Paul Duran) would like to beat (if his car not sold out before I return his call.)

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Chevy Bolt EV Premier
MSRP: $ 44480
Monthly Payment: $ 0
Drive-Off Amount: $ 7700
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: 0.00001
Residual: 52%
Incentives: 12650 (Costco 3000 + Lease Conquest 1500 + Supplier + Bay Area 1400)
Region: North California
Leasehackr Score: 30.3
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Wow, nice deal in the Bay Area! Looks like you beat ChevyPhil’s deal handily. Stevens Creek was actually not that great when I contacted them. They could barely match ChevyPhil’s deals after some haggling, but that was it. BTW, the calculator seems a little off, but nice deal nevertheless. Congrats!

I had a very good experience with Tony Vu at Stevens Creek Chevy - Internet Sales. Yesterday he delivered a Bolt LT with driver confidence package 1 for $5600 one payment 36 mo / 10k lease (MSRP 39,445 or close to that). They drove 50 miles to deliver and sign my paperwork.

Same discounts as others, including the supplier credit from being a first responder. In terms of other Norcal dealers, they were the easiest to negotiate with and responsive to emails. Offers were all over the map from $8k to about $6k from 6 or 7 responses out of 10. I did go into a dealership the day before to check out the options. I felt the driver confidence 2 was useless. The dealership in San Leandro said they would match my offer when after I showed them emails, then they wanted extra for the mats. How can they not throw in mats? At the end of the day, I was much more satisfied completing the deal with Tony.

Another thing I learned with my lease due back next month on a 2017 bolt, the disposition fee of $395 is going to be waived. That was a nice bonus.

That looks like a nice deal too. Which mats were you asking about? Carpeted floor mats come with the car, unless you’re talking all-weather mats in which case those are extra.

Ideally what would be the best deal one could get if a monthly payment was involved instead of a one pay.

So far I am getting $273 down with $273 a month.


The deal above is $251 zero drive off, if you go into the calculator and adjust it

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I guess I was unaware of that and I thought that it was extra for generic mats. The other dealership did not bother to explain that to me. Ultimately and to my surprise, I received all weather mats and the additional carpeted ones. Stevens Creek was a much better experience.

I got same, but there is a $220 charge on the window sticker for interior protection which I assume is floor mats.

Congratulations on the deal. Enjoy the car.