Signed: 2020 Bolt LT w/DCFC $5800 one-pay

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Chevrolet Bolt LT w/DCFC
MSRP: $38,245
Monthly Payment: $0
Drive-Off Amount: $5800
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00001
Residual: 50%
Incentives: $11650 (Costco, Loyalty, Bay Area); no supplier
Region: SF Bay Area
Leasehackr Score: 21.7 years (before post-sale rebates)
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I missed the September and October deals for a variety of reasons (dismissed it at first as not the right car for us; then came around but started pursuing a deal too late in October when inventory was low especially in this configuration, interested buyers were many, and deals were harder to come by), but I was able to get the following now in November.

My benchmark for best comparable deal recently in CA (that was reported on LH) is Ethan’s Bolt Mania 2.0 where he had the same Bolt configuration for $6100 one-pay, which I estimate would have been about $4950 after adjustment to include the $1400 Bay Area incentive and higher tax rate in the Bay Area. I thought about jumping on that deal, but then I would have had to either ship it to the Bay Area ($400-500 + some hassle) or fly down and drive it up to the Bay Area ($150 + lots of hassle driving it back all day). Working with local dealers in the SF Bay Area I figure I could have this same car for $200-300 less three weeks ago; poster @vvaidya shared a one-pay of the same configuration for $5580. Anyway, it’s nice to have this done. Who knows if December deals will be better or worse.

Questions for those of you who leased Bolts recently in CA:
Did you submit for the post-sale rebates right away using the temporary registration, or wait for the official DMV registration card?


Congrats @49er!!! Happy to see you got a pretty good deal too. I forgot to respond on the other thread, but I submitted my applications for post-sale rebates already. Haven’t heard back from either CVRP or PGE, but I expect them to go through just fine. CVRP is OK with a copy of the temp registration, and on the PGE website it is “optional” to include permanent reg but recommended for faster processing. I imagine that by the time they get to my application, permanent registration should have been issued.

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Congrats! Knew you’d do it (10+%). I’d need base LT model to keep my prospects under the $100/mo limit I have for this car, and those are rare. Even Ethan’s models are loaded or Premiers.

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Wow, you finally did it! Nice discount as well. Glad you were able to convince yourself to get the car. Congrats on that! As for PGE, their website explicitly states the following:

Your current vehicle registration card. A copy of your California-issued vehicle registration card must be uploaded with your application. A temporary or e-copy of the vehicle registration will not be accepted.

Their application deadline is Dec 31, 2020, so you have plenty of time to submit your paperwork to them.

As @vvaidya stated, a temp registration may work as he used that, but their website does state what I quoted. Being that it’s mid November, it will be very close to mid-December (if not later) when you receive your plates and official registration card. So, providing the temp card may be your best option at this point. If in doubt, you should call them about it.

PS: Thanks @vvaidya and @49er for providing details on your respective deals.


Turns out my timing of leasing a Bolt was impeccable…impeccably bad:

In a span of a few days there is now an additional $1500 CA rebate applied at time of sale with no income qualifications. :roll_eyes:

I expected CA state incentives to decrease not increase now that so many people are buying Teslas and leasing Bolts. I already asked if I could get the incentive post sale given my timing and was told no.

Interesting, How doe this work?
Seems like you just bring the signed agreement to the dealer at time of purchase, Am I missing something?

The discount is applied by the dealer at time of purchase. The funds go directly to the dealer, not to the consumer.

It’s possible that this will cause dealers to discount less (more profits for them), as demand will likely remain strong but maybe a good leasehacker can pull off a strong deal.

Yes, if you’re in NorCal, it’s either the $800 rebate from PGE or this new rebate where the amount varies by battery size

Are you sure it’s an “Or” with the PG&E rebate? I didn’t see that in the program description for this new rebate.

Take a look… I did some digging around last night…

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That’s good news to me! Now that means I only sacrificed a potential $700, not $1500, for having pulled the trigger this past weekend.

Where r u guys going for one pays? Dublin Chevrolet just quoted me 8700 on a LT with some packages. No Bay Area discount for me.

What was the MSRP of the configuration you had quoted?

Try a dealer with a lot of inventory. The others won’t be motivated. I’m surprised Dublin isn’t more competitive. I think Stewart Chevrolet had a lot but not sure if they still do.

Dublin Chevrolet is approved for $1500 California Clean Fuel Rebate that was just announced on 11/17, and along with the $1400 Bay Area CCR (if you are from the Bay Area), should give you an additional ~3k rebate, putting you into a pretty good Bolt deal. Mention the CCFR to the salesperson. I also agree with 49er…Stevens Creek is VERY competitive, so you can check them out. Dublin seems to have lots of inventory though…Just deal with the internet department instead of a random salesperson as they will be more knowledgeable of the rebates, deals, etc.


Unfortunately I’m not from the Bay but he didn’t apply the $1500 additional rebate. I’ll contact the internet sales dept…

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Called Dublin and talked to an internet sales manager. He quoted me the same 8700 even after saying he had applied the 1500 CA new rabate :thinking:

Need more details. Was that for an LT or Premier? What MSRP? 10k, 12k, or 15k miles per year?

Bolt LT with 12K miles. Comfort and Convenience and Driver Confidence Packages. 540 more for 15K miles. He mentioned the $1500 California Clean Fuel Rebate as included in the price without me asking for this.

What incentives do you qualify for? I assume Costco, lease/loyalty, Bay Area CCR, but what about supplier? Supplier is an additional $400-500, and your quote is for 12k, which adds a little over $400 to the 10k quotes. No_Excuses didn’t qualify for CCR (1400) nor supplier (400-500), and presumably looking for 10k/yr (which most quotes are given for).

You can check with ChevyVick (Stevens Creek) who has a thread in Marketplace to see what he can do. Here’s a quote someone got from them a few days ago: One pay Bolt - 7420. It looks like their Bolt inventory is depleted, but just for comparison’s sake, this quote is $7420 for a loaded LT (similar to yours). However, it requires supplier (-$400-500), 10k miles (-$420), and all other incentives. So, if you don’t have supplier and want 12k miles to make it comparable to Dublin’s deal, you’ll need to add ~$850-$900, making this about $8300 give or take 100. I don’t see Stevens Creek on the list that supports CCFR, only Dublin, so you’re looking at $8300 vs $8700. Looks like Dublin can do better, but then again, they have the inventory while Stevens Creek doesn’t (at least from their website). I’d check with ChevyVick, see what he can do and when/if he can get a loaded LT, and take it from there. Also, ask Dublin what discount from MSRP they are giving you. 10% used to be a good benchmark, but since these Bolts have been flying off dealer lots, many have reduced their discounts, and yet still sell them for less than 10% dealer discount.