Signed! 2020 BMW M340i 584/mo tax incl. (ca-socal)

Signed! 2020 BMW M340i! I am new to the forums and leasehakr in general, curious to what you guys think of the deal I made.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.



alpine white
premium package
19" wheels (792m)
harmon kardon surround system

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:
2020 BMW M340i
MSRP: $60570
SELL PRICE: $52696 (13% off msrp before credits)
Monthly Payment: $584 (with tax)
0 down
Drive-Off Amount: $2440 (first month+925 acq fee+TTL)
Annual Mileage:15k
MF: 0.00128
MSD: 0
Residual: 58%
Incentives: 2000 (1000 lease 1000 conquest)
Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 8.7
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Hi! A few months ago I leased a M340i here in NorCal (9.5% tax), mines has the Portimao Blue Metallic w/Cognac, 18” wheels, prem package & driver asst package, HK.
I opted for 10k miles a year & Mines came out to 570/mo with 2.5k drive-offs. I also had a lease return & it took a while to negotiate everything but overall I think any payment under 600 for the M340i is a great deal! Seems like yours is too. When shopping it’s competitors, the S4 & C43 AMG, their leases were much more expensive. Enjoy the car :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply! How are you enjoying it so far? Did you have any trouble with excess wear and tear on your turn in?Also did you opt for the premium service package(breaks rotors coverage etc)?

I ended up adding that to my lease and hope I made the right choice. First time BMW leaser here.


My previous Bmw was in great condition when i returned. I had a small ding which was originally $200 but dealer dropped it to $100 as I was getting another car from them. I did not buy any premium service plan, because maintenance is included in all BMWs for 3 years /36k miles. Same with any wear & tear plan or tire plan, as I usually keep the car top notch so I don’t have any charges at the end of the lease. Some people however prefer to get these plans just in case but sometimes might not even need it.

Seems very solid to me, especially with 15k miles per year, no MSD and tax included. I’m very jealous, give us some pics and enjoy the ride!

With that sales tax, are you here in San Diego?

Thank you very much for your insight! Happy to be apart of the club. I’ll update the thread with some pictures! I hope you enjoy your car as well!

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Thank you! Will update thread with pictures! I am in Orange County!

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Congrats and welcome to the club.:grinning:

thank you!

Can you let us know which dealership or who you worked with for this deal? Thx!

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