Signed! 2020 BMW M340i - 11% off, base MF, $0 down, 0 MSDs - $725/mo w/ maintenance

Hi everyone! First of all, thank you to everyone that contributes here! It helped me a ton when searching around and negotiating this lease.

Picked up this car on the last day of the month, September 30th. I went to two dealers, almost accidentally. I was ready to pull the trigger at the first dealer with 11% off and .00168 MF. Luckily, they sold that car just after I left.

The second dealer I went to quickly agreed to 11% off MSRP and base MF. I tried for 12% after speaking the the sales manager, but I was happy enough with this spec and the deal was good enough for me. I missed out on the OL code. I wasn’t able to sign up. The first dealer was going to find one for me, but the second said there was nothing they could do.

Attached the build sheet and pic of the car!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW M340i
MSRP: $64,195
MSRP with 11% off: $58,633
Monthly Payment: $684 ($725 after I was conned into maintenance - less hassle for me tbh)
Drive-Off Amount: $0 down 0 MSDs
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12k
MF: .00128 (base)
Residual: 60%
Incentives: $3,250 + BMW CCA ~$300 (Lease - $1k, Loyalty $2k, USAA $250)
Region: Bay Area, CA
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

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Congrats! I have a dravit grey m340i on order, hoping to get it within the next couple of weeks now.

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What maintenance are you paying $55/month for? BMW includes maintenance on their leases

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They told me the only thing included in the lease plan was oil changes.

I was sure to read over the plan. I normally wouldn’t go for it, especially on a new car.

The package includes all scheduled maintenance, there are a few brake flushes and probably pads the way I drive. Along with all the smaller filters and whatnot.

I was under that impression as well, so I was a little surprised when they tried to upsell me on it. In the end I don’t mind much, the service at dealers here is good and a loaner car works well for me.

Also, corrected the post. It’s $500/yr. So $41/mo for the maintenance.

They changed recently. Their maintenance only includes oil change and nothing else

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The retail price for the BMW Ultimate + Mantenance Upgrade which includes brakes and filters etc…like the pre 2016 BMW’s had is only $700 for 3/36, at 55 per month they overcharged you quite a bit. It is refundable so I would ask them for a refund or to reduce the price.

Interesting. When did it change? Either way, $41/month for the ultimate care is a ripoff.

Free maintenance was reduced beginning model year 2017, but still includes:

  • Engine Oil
  • Engine Filter
  • Brake Fluid
  • Cabin Micro Filter(s)
  • Engine Air Filter(s)
  • Spark Plugs
  • Remote Control/Key Battery
  • Vehicle Check


This would be a decent deal now but 11% off 6 months before it hit dealers is insane!!

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Even if someone is set on these expanded maintenance plans please know these are all negotiable!! Reject first then throw a low ball number before finalizing paperwork and watch what happens…

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Thanks for all the replies on the maintenance plan!

Going to refund the plan tomorrow. Turns out you have 60 days to refund in CA.

Yea BMW will offer you the option to get the added maintenance plan, they probably marked yours up. It should be $700 for the 3/36 maintenance+ plan. The only important thing it covers is brakes. I’m paying less than $30/month for mine.

Congrats TrevorJ, what a beautiful car! I am also looking for m340 in the Bay Area. Do you mind sharing which dealership gave you the deal?

Sent you a message!

Thanks for the tip! Sucks for the brake padss