SIGNED: 2020 BMW M235i X-Drive, 36/15k, $378/mo+tax


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW M235i X-Drive. Mineral Grey Metallic w/ Red Interior
MSRP: $50,795
Selling Price: $39,295
Monthly Payment: $378/mo + tax, comes out to $398/mo
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 15,000
MF: .00086
Residual: 55
Incentives: Loyalty, OL Code
Region: SOUTH
Leasehackr Score: ~12 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link: M235i Calculator

Calculator isn’t lining up, if someone lets me know what I’m doing wrong I’ll edit. Wish I could’ve done a little better but given the times and the fact that this came from a TN dealer, I’m pretty happy with it. They accidentally gave me more incentives than I qualified for but honored their original offer.


Whenever I see this car on the road it reminds me of a Kia forte/corolla, I dont know why.

Congrats and enjoy the new ride… what were the extra incentives they mistakenly gave you?

Congratulations on the deal! Looks like a fun car to drive.

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I should’ve asked but decided I didn’t want to push the issue

The M235xi is fun.

Congrats and enjoy it.

How did you get an OL code this early in the year? Local event down south?

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Yes! I did the test drive event while I was at the dealer today


Congrats on the new ride! Without the front plate it looks a lot better, I’m planning to take mine off soon!

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Was the '19 430i totaled? I read that thread, but maybe missed if that changed (last I saw was like a repair quote for $12k).

Yeah unfortunately it ended up being totaled. Luckily they got that all sorted out pretty quickly so I was able to go ahead and start shopping around.


I got into an accident about 7 days ago, my Bolt EV was sandwiched. We got hit from the back and pushed us into the car in front. Now just waiting to see if they will totaled the car(hopefully they do). Hope they can decide fast… it’s almost the end of month.

Seems like a good deal to me for 15k miles a year and no MSDs! Nice job! I’m in a 228i xDrive and wish I had a little more power.


Thanks! And yeah this definitely has a little more zip to it than my 430i had.

All of my stuff got sorted out very quickly, hopefully that’s the case for you too! Good luck.

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Sorta worked out. Last car totaled, but you have a new car. More power, unique color combo, better tech. Enjoy the car

For those curious about the current test drive event. It seems that you will still be able to get a code by tomorrow

For sure. The only thing I’m really missing is the H/K sound system, this HiFi one just isn’t the same.

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If you care about audio drop a $1000 into speakers. The hk in my i8 was atrocious and a disgrace for a $175k car. If I was keeping it longer I was def going to upgrade that.

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Yea. I had the HiFi system in my 2012
535i . Not the best.
At least BMW pumps in engine sound for you now. :laughing:

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Congrats on joining the M235i club!
Love the color combo you got and it is a great deal.
Have you launched her yet!?

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Lol no I haven’t, should I?