SIGNED 2020 BMW 330XI - $330/mo including WA tax 24/10K, $3K out-the-door

Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 BMW 330XI ex-loaner
MSRP: $48545
Selling Price:35316
Monthly Payment: $330 including 8.8% tax
Drive-Off Amount: $2999 including first payment
Annual Mileage:10K
Region:Oregon, NW
Leasehackr Score:10.2
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

the number are not exactly matching, not sure why, but I only negotiated the out door monthly payment, for this month, I think this number is pretty OK.
There is a starguard installed for all vehicles, and added to the package for 595.



How’d ya lease a 2020MY?

Lease support was extended thru April for 2020 per the discussion on separate thread…

Interesting , cause I was positive there were threads that said MY2020 support was dead in April

OP great discount car and congrats

Many other dealers told me it expired in March but not this one. This one said yesterday was the last day.

Another dealer just emailed me saying BMW extended 2020 leasing until 5/2

Wow, 26% off original MSRP, nice!

I saw some 330’s with ~18% off MSRP at Kuni’s and BMW of Portland’s inventory but haven’t seen anything above 20%.

Did you negotiate on email before getting to the dealership? wonder if it’s still going on and if I could use the $2k corporate incentive too.

I think the reason is I got a killer deal from another dealer and they want to win me over. My last lease was 2500 DAs with 230 per month for 2018 330xi exloaner including 8.8% tax

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Can I get the dealer info pls? Looking for a 330 and you got a fantastic deal.

In the PNW, I was quoted $500 for a 330i with $2500 DAS from a dealer in Seattle. And $400+ and $2500 DAS from a broker in CA.

Thanks to David. I was also able to get one.
I know it’s not a great deal which many of us have got in the past.
Year, Make, Model, and Trim:2020 BMW 330XI ex-loaner. Numbers listed below are approx.
MSRP: $46000
Selling Price:35000
Monthly Payment: $330 including 10.5% tax
Drive-Off Amount: $1800 including first payment
MSDs $2450
Annual Mileage:10K
Region:Oregon, NW

I’m not sure if I can post the dealer info here,but you can figure it out.
The bad thing is most of the rebate/promo/discount ended yesterday :frowning:


they calculated tax wrong and returned 340 to me, yeah