Signed: 2019 XC60 T6 R-Design - $571/mo - $61k MSRP - $1k DAS + MSDs

2019 Volvo XC60 T6 R-Design in Osmium Grey
with Advanced Package, Polestar, Air Suspension, and 21" wheels

**MSRP: $61,300
**Selling Price: $52,531
**Monthly Payment: $571
**Cash Due at Signing: $1,000 + MSDs
**MSD: 10

**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 7,500
**MF: .00045 (with MSDs)
**Residual: 58%

**Region: NJ

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Good deal!

Agreed… nothing even close to anything like that where I live. Have you calculated the ROI on the 10 MSD’s?

the MSDs were a no brainer. $6k of MSDs saved me ~$45/mo

Great deal!!!

Indeed… you invest ~$6000 and return $1755 in 39 months.

Tax free too (too many people ignore this)!

Assuming a 15% tax rate, you’d have to do better than $2,064 pre-tax to beat this return. Effectively 33% ROI over 3 years, as close to risk free as you can get.

My two offers from Volvo in Feb …

XC60 Inscription MSRP $62K Sell Price $58,600 39 Mths 12K/year 2000 out of pocket $825/mth

XC90 Inscription MSRP $68K Sell price $64,400 39 Mths 12K/year 2000 out of pocket $970/mth

Obviously… I’m using Uber.

ouch!! that’s rough

And I haven’t shown the ridiculous BMW and Audi quotes. I’m seriously considering leasing somewhere else in the country and having the vehicle transported. Not sure if the captive finance companies allow that on leases or not.

@deano where are you located. NJ not much better im sure. Are March #s out yet?

im not sure where in the country you are, but i suspect my dealer would be willing to ship to you. i also don’t know what the march #s look like, but up until yesterday i know they were willing to honor my deal for others.

Can you guestimate where an XC40 T5 RDesign would fall?

North Florida.

A subject for a different thread… but I went with Volvo Care for an XC40.

Indeed, is that $800/month $700 down and a new one every 12 if you wanted?