Signed! 2019 X1 xdrive28i 255 per month, 0 drive off, 7msd's(2100)

2019 X1 xdrive28i (loaner with 3774 miles)
MSRP: $42015
Selling Price:33612
Monthly Payment: $255 (including tax)
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:12000
MSD: 7 ($2100)
Incentives:4000 (lease cash + Conquest + OL Code)
Leasehackr Score:14.7

I have noticed that the dealer didn’t charge the acquisition fee, nor raise the money factor.


Looks like a great deal. Did they add acquisition fee to cap costs/selling price?

Not sure, in the sales document the acquisition fee is listed as 0 and I couldn’t figure out what they did.

Great deal! They most likely bump the MF by 0.0005 and waive the ACQ fee

great deal. a loaner or new?

Seems like a loaner with 3xxx miles on it

That looks like a great deal. No dealer, DMV, or acquisition? How did you get away with that, in NJ for a similar deal that is $2000+ at signing

Super deal! congrats. that’s almost half the price of a fully loaded A220…

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Car was already register by the dealer in March, so it was just the transfer of title & registration (under $30). Dealer processing fee was 85. I am still not sure about the acquisition fee.

what kind of OL code did you use?

For Socal event

Good deal… Congrats!

Need some cheap BMW deals like this in Boston/NE area…

I’m in the bay area and looking at the same potential deal. Any advice on where to go? I’m in the Oakland area and just stopped by Weatherford BMW in Berkeley. Also, how long did it take you to get this deal?

@mmmmm. What does OL code stand for and how do you get one ?

Can I have dealership information?

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Great deal!

Selling price was before incentives correct?

Congratulation!excellent score.