Signed - 2019 VW Tiguan S FWD $245/Mo @ 36m / 12K miles, $750 DAS ***Phoenix, AZ - Camelback VW***

2019 VW Tiguan S FWD $245/Mo @ 36m / 12K miles, $750 DAS

MSRP: $25,815
Sale Price: $21,324 (includes +$1124 billed in options discounted down from $3000 cost)
MF: .00066
Res: 55%

$$ Options: Monster Mats, Roof rack, VW Care 10K & 20K mile service, Tint w/ Lifetime Warranty, ZakTek Interior/Exterior protection package including door/cup guards

Phoenix, AZ - Camelback VW - Customer service was amazing!!

I think this is a smoking deal for the Phoenix area, three other dealers didnt even want to negotiate.

10.3 LeaseHacker score

Updated with pricing details and leasehackr calculator link :slight_smile:

Zaktek annoys me, but nice deal! Phoenix market is tough!

Thanks! Yeah they needed to make money back on it somehow I guess. I also have three kids from 3 to 14 so I know the interior cloth is probably going to take a beating, ZakTech probably help me for the interior.

I’ve had a hell of a time getting it removed from my last 2 deals with both needing GM sign off. Don’t let them get money back on scams like Zaktek, that’s why we are Hackrs! :grinning:

This was actually my first lease, I battled like crazy, and felt like I came pretty close to the So Cal deals price (excluding the options) so really the Phoenix premium I paid was some options I received at 66% markdown. Also if it helps me at the end of the lease with protecting the interior with my three kids, maybe it was worth it?

That aftermarket crap is all a scam, I’d pay exactly zero for it. I opted for an SE, less worries with the kids with the fake leather. All and all $245/mo in a so so market is great for a crossover with a third row. People can say what they want about the tiguan but it has a ton of space for the length, just leave it in sport mode all the time.

Will definitely know for the next deal to fight to get it off 100% there. I did get to the point where they wouldn’t pull any more funds off and even gave me a screen cap of his computer financials to shop at all seven of the VW dealers in 100 mile radius to try and beat it, so it was keep grinding or take the deal I thought was great for being in Phoenix. I do look back and see the rookie mistake though. Thanks all for the feedback!

Thinking about it, I paid $1100 for 5-6 car detailing (Zaktech) since essentially that’s what they do at the six month intervals when you bring it in to “refresh” the coat. A good detail is $150-200, plus I get the 10k and 20K service ($300 value?) and window tint ($300 value?). Am I just trying to make myself feel better? Lol

Also what about the policy they try to sell, MPP Club Plus for protecting tires, rims, paint scratches, lost keys, and various mechanical/electrical issues? Was pitching most average lease returns have a $700 bill due due to these issues… they ever worth it? Figured it was like extended warranties so I kept saying no

Yeahhhh its not worth anywhere close to $1100 LOL

I leased leased a Jetta from this dealership a year or so ago for my GF, I refused to pay for any of their garbage add-on’s and also said I would only pay $199 for the tint compared to their listed $499. Most of the dealerships on Camelback are owned by the same company and are some of the worst to deal with. She still gets the free Zaktech sprays every 6 months or so but I have no idea what it does and they seem to do it in about 5 minutes. Dumb.

Look like I know better on the ZakTech for my 2nd lease when it comes to my sports car. This one was for the wife lol

As far as Camelback VW the customer service was excellent and they were very negotiable unlike the other VW dealers, so I didn’t mind working with them personally.