Signed: 2019 Volvo XC 60 T6 Inscrip. MSRP $67820 $662/Month w/ Tax and Excess Wear 12/36 $2000 DAS

Sharing the deal I signed this weekend to give others a frame of reference for their own search. It’s definitely not the best deal you’ll read about but I ran out of time to get my wife into a new vehicle so I had to get it done. We started the process to sell our mint condition Dodge Durango to Vroom on Tuesday night and it was gone by Friday. I was thinking I would have at least two weeks to find a great deal before Vroom picked up the vehicle.

My wife narrowed her search down to the Q5 and the XC60 and then made her decision based on the massage seats in the Inscription-Crazy I know but she works hard and deserves it.

I emailed and shopped several dealers throughout California. Most of the quotes were way high. I started throwing out some pretty aggressive numbers to test the waters but no one would budge on an Inscription. If I was willing to talk about an R-Design or move to a XC90 then the conversation about a deep deal might have gone somewhere with a few local dealers. I had offers in the $725-775 plus tax range with large DAS amounts and they refused to listen to counter-offers. I still haven’t heard from them.

I knew I was out of time by Friday and so I began a conversation with @Benedetto to make the lease happen for the best possible price. His offer was for the exact vehicle my wife wanted-every option and color for $599 a month plus tax with $2000 DAS for a 12/36 lease. That was $100 per month cheaper than my next best offer with a higher DAS cost.

In hindsight, when I realized I was in a time crunch, I wish I would have just hired @Benedetto right away. The process was efficient and painless and he delivered exactly what he promised.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Volvo XC60 T6 Inscription Fusion Red
MSRP: $ 67820
Sale price: $58058
Total Adjusted Cap Cost: $59787 with all the acquisition fee, doc fee and Excess Wear plan
Monthly Payment: $ $662 with Ca Tax and Excess Wear
Drive-Off Amount: $2000 plus 10X MSDs
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12K
MF: .00087 before the MSDs. .00037 after
Residual: 57%
Incentives: I don’t see any itemized on the contract but all info I had said $3500 for an Inscription.
Region: Lease in So Cal but registered in Nor Cal
Leasehackr Score: 8.9
Leasehackr Calculator Link:


Approx $68k msrp for XC60 T6 seems high (usually I see the T8’s going for the range).

What packages/options did you put on this? There was no mark up?

No markup. I found several Inscriptions with the same build and MSRP. This was the only Fusion Red in CA with this build.

68k XC60, holy cow :exploding_head:

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That is literally every option possible

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No doubt…

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Not his car but similar -

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$4k for the wheels. holy cow-2
That’s how you get to $68K. I thought $64k was fully loaded lol

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$4k for wheels?? The wheels on my 911 weren’t even that much. Looking at the sticker, the 20" inscription wheels on ours were $800. Now with that said, there’s a bunch of other expensive add-ons for sure…:slight_smile:

Here’s the exact same build but in black…

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XC60 is not 911 and Volvo is not Porsche :slight_smile:
And to put it in perspective - these wheels are almost the same as Advanced and Massage seats combined. All other add-ons and packages at least make sense.

If it makes her happy, what’s the harm?

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Exactly! I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I was happy with the $800 Inscription wheels.


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Hi. I’m new to this board. @Mike O or @Benedetto, are you saying that on the above lease, there was an additional $7500 paid in security deposits? If so, Drive off was $2K plus $7500? Thanks for the clarification.

It was $6500 for a refundable security deposit which lowers the MF. This results in a lowered monthly payment of approximately $45 or $540 a year. A $540 annual ROI on $6500 is pretty good as long as you don’t need the money. It’s locked up for the term of the lease.

The additional $2000 was to cover drive off cost


It’s $111.11/mo plus the rent charge for shoes. That’s a few extra mani-pedis a month is all :nail_care:t2:

Thanks Mike. 8% annual return is actually pretty good. What are the chances that Volvo retains the deposit? Have you heard any horror stories?

Haha, good point!

I haven’t heard of any horror stories with Volvo. I can’t imagine Volvo Financial Credit Services going bankrupt but you never know…:slight_smile:

I had MSDs on both of my BMWs and got both of the deposits back without an issue… Of course, BMW is a completely different monster.

Would most people agree that MSD’s are the way to go, assuming you have the cash? Just curious if it’s industry standard.

And if those $4k wheels are on the sticker I believe Volvo would residualize them so it would be even less…:+1: