Signed 2019 Traverse LT cloth $0 DAS, $295/month

2019 Chevy Traverse LT Cloth
Was shopping for lowest payment with $0 das and no intent to buy at lease end. I feel like the payment and deal is good and hopefully I wont learn otherwise from everyone here, haha. Got some advice on the other section of the forum, so I appreciate that. I have gms pricing.
Msrp $39290
Retail $36202
Cap cost reduction $6444.67
Residual $25538.50
Rent charge? $1590.25
Payment $295 incl tax

Not sure how this works and maybe i got hosed. They wrote me a check and i signed it over to them. There was also $2,750 in three different incentives. Two for $1000 each and one for $750. I paid $295 out of pocket. (First months payment)
They are giving me a $500 coupon from gmf to take care of $500 in over mileage on my ‘17 traverse which I turned in and another coupon to cover my last payment on that vehicle($223.35).

Also, I dont know how to put this in the calculator to make it work.


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No frame of reference if this is a good deal or not, but it does remind me of the primary reason I won’t shop at Kohl’s (aside from being deathly allergic to Dockers pants).

An item worth $25 is marked at $60 before the “40% off everything ‘sale’,” a 20% off coupon and an extra 10% for paying with a Kohl’s credit card.

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What additional info is required?

Sorry, I meant that I have no idea what a good deal is on a Traverse.

The rest was just a commentary on how confusing (TO ME) the deal was structured with all the coupons, endorsed checks, and incentives.

I’m sure someone more versed in GM leases can help you unwind that.

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That’s definitely not correct. Would you mind posting a copy of your contract?

You got an insane deal regardless.

I can try getting the contract up tonight but it’s going to be a busy one.
I did use the calculator again and moved the $2750 and $4116 dealer cash down to the incentive lines and raised the selling price sufficiently until the payment matched mine. I didnt save and post because I guess it didnt really change the ‘deal rating’ score at all. Still around 12.7 or something? So based on your ‘insane deal’ comment I assume thats a good score?

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Don’t worry about the LH score or the BMW demo posts. For a Chevy Traverse with the given incentives, this is a total unicorn based on the dealer cash they gave you.

FWIW I hammered every Chevy and Buick/GMC dealer in SE MI for over a month in February and the best I did was $2000 in dealer cash.


Killer deal. I tried a few dealers around me the past couple of days and couldn’t get below $400/mo for same msrp & same structure.

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Great deal! What state are you in?

Thanks. In Michigan.

This deal is similar or little better than mine that I got last month considering OP paid first month and not a true zero DAS like mine. Reason for my low monthly payment was GM Employee discounts, but ScottF managed to get similar deal without employee discounts which is awesome!

Maybe someone was able to provide the dealer an employee code, or they kept one in their back pocket? IIRC you have some time to share your code after you use it, no?

This is a great deal regardless, but Im a little shocked that an LT Traverse with cloth is going for 39k, I had no idea they were that high. I’m guessing this is for AWD, right?

I don’t know about that, I went to gmfamilyfirst website and generated the code and provided to the dealer when I went to sign the paperwork.

It sounds like there’s something that can be shared with extended family and friends, not sure exactly what it gets you though.

humm…good to know @ElectricEliminator

Family first is different than supplier or educator.

No this is FWD. I see it as a good deal for $300 p/m for 7 seater LT trim that includes some good features like 8" touch screen, android auto, power seat, remote start, heated seat, power lift gate, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone, Rear Cross Traffic, Rear Park Assist, Universal Home Remote etc.

Oh it’s not bad at all, especially with all the driver confidence packages added in. That explains the higher Msrp. I’m at about 38k on a comparable trim Acadia, but I don’t have the driver’s aids Pricing wise I’ve just always looked at Chevy < GMC < Buick < Cadillac so the numbers surprised me. My Acadia would probably be around 40k with all the drivers aids, which just sounds nuts on paper to me.