Signed: 2019 QX60 Pure AWD $241/month, $2,000 Drive Off (NJ)



I’m interested in finding out the dealership too.


awesome deal may i please have the dealer info too?


Hello, very interested. May I have dealer info?


Can you please send me the dealer information . Thanks


Congrats on a great deal. May I have the dealer name please? Thanks.


You guys do realize OP got this deal in November, right? The incentives are completely different today, so this deal is unachievable.


they don’t. they just send the same “please pm dealer info” over and over again for 3 months.


I am intrested this deal can you give dealer info. Thanks


Please send me a dealer for this deal. I am so interested in.


Please pm me the dealer name - I am interested in this.


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Programs have changed and OP hasn’t signed on in months.