Signed: 2019 QX60 Pure AWD $241/month, $2,000 Drive Off (NJ)


Think I scored a pretty good deal on a 2019 QX60 Pure AWD in NJ

MSRP $47,020
39 month/10k miles
$241 month
$2,000 drive off (incl. taxes and first month)
$2,400 MSDs
Includes $1,500 VPP and $1,500 Conquest
Effectively $286/month
Includes delivery to my house

I also got the same deal for my brother with 12k miles, $255 month $2k drive off, effectively $300/month

Dealer located/swapped both vehicles in the colors we wanted (black, hermosa blue)


hello i am interested i one too mind sharing the dealers name

Please PM the dealer Information, I am interested in similar vehicle.

I am interested in the above deal. If it is for real, I would be interested to close the deal this weekend. How do I find out more details to confirm, where to go to close?


do you have VPP and quality for conquest? worth 1,500 each. you need both to get a deal like this, also tomorrow is december so I’m not sure if the infiniti programs will change

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I think i have qualifying vpp (chla employee) as well as conquest (alpha romeo lease). How do i find out? Are you dealer?

Alfa Romeo doesn’t count for Infiniti conquest.

can you please share the dealer info?

Thank you



Can you PM me to he dealer info? Thanks

@nzakko, please check your PM

Hi, please forward dealer info. Thanks so much.

Please send lease/dealer details. Thank you.

Hi. Can you please send me the lease/dealer details? Thank you

Can you please share dealer information? Thank you

Hi can you put me on the list for the dealers name or phone number

Hi. Can you please send me the lease/dealer details? Thank you

Hi. I’m interested this deal.
Can you please send me the lease/dealer details?
Thank you.

Can you please send me the dealer info? Thanks!

Please send me the dealer info. Thanks

Hi, can you PM me the details for this deal - very interested! What are some features bt the pure and essential?