SIGNED 2019 QX50 Essential AWD $356


Thanks to HN308 I was able to secure this deal. Initially had gone for the qx60 special but being in NY (No MSD’s) and they had just sold their last QX60 Pure. The QX50 caught my eye and the numbers were great!

My local dealer had me at $1000 DAS and $588 a month. Nearly spit my drink out when he quoted me that. This is a great little car and compliments my 6MT g37 Coupe perfectly. Will post a picture up shortly. My sales lady was GREAT and was at the dealership for less than 30 minutes.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 QX50 Essential AWD

**MSRP: $48,880
**Selling Price: $41,051.31
**Monthly Payment: $356.37
**Cash Due at Signing: $356(First Payment only. Tax,Tags,&Fees are rolled in)
**Incentives:VPP ($1500) Conquest($1000)

**Annual Mileage:10k

**Region:NY 8% tax
**Leasehackr Score:


How does the car drive? I’m seeing alot of mixed reviews online


Hi darfsalot, i’m looking into switching and was wondering if you could pass along the dealership info to get this deal? thx


Hi, can you reply with your dealer info…I am in Ithaca looking for the exact trim. Thx.


Typical Nissan CVT in it, but its rather zippy. Only had about 100 miles on it so far but its comfortable and quiet. Just not a fan of the clunky and confusing infotainment .


yes feel free to send me a PM.


Certainly feel free to send me a pm


hi, could you kindly fwd dealership info in ny please? much appreciated.


All PM’s were responded too and Uploaded a picture of the QX50 the day I picked it up and one of it next to my 6MT G37.

Initial Impressions:
CVT is SIGNIFICANTLY better than my 2013 Altima
Nice Torquey Engine especially down low in the rev range
Love the Pano-Roof
Wish I wouldve got the Bose
MPG Kinda sucks

All in all have put 950 miles on it so far and for the price I am content. My co-worker is paying nearly the same for his Civic.

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