Signed! 2019 Q50 Signature Edition | $300 mo | $1500 DAS | $45k MSRP

I did this all myself with a dealer in New Jersey - I want to thank the community for their insight, tips, guidance and ‘verbiage’ on hacking!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Infinti Q50 AWD Signature Edition
**MSRP: $ 44965
**Selling Price (Gross Capitalized Cost): $33937 …24.5% off!
**Monthly Payment: $300 taxes included
**Drive-Off Amount: $1500 DAS ($2500 - $1000 ‘Summer Cash’; incl. 1st mo, taxes, dmv, acquisition fee)
**MSDs: 0
**Months: 39
**Annual Mileage: 10K
**MF: Someone tell me how to find/calc this?
**Residual: 52%
**Incentives: VPP, Loyalty, Summer Programs/Rebates
**Region: NE (NJ)
**Leasehacker Score: 12.5

They also gave me a leather keychain! In the black boys!

Now…can some one lend me their Garmin? LOL


Nice deal but, more importantly, congrats on the keychain! :smirk:

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Oh and you’re not missing out on anything for not having the factory GPS. Good God the ones on Infiniti feel like you stepped back in time 10 years ago. The one in my dad’s QX60 is such hillariously crappy.

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Yeah I know, this is my 3rd G37/Q50 since '13. Its been the same in all 3. The nav is less than desirable. Its still nice to see which ways some streets go in cities and such.

Nice deal, enjoy the car


One of the better Q50 deals I’ve seen. Congratulations


Two questions

Does the Q50 have apple play or Android auto?

Second question. Now I really do like the Q50, a very timeless and great looking car but how many more years does this car have? Feels like forever that it’s been on showroom floors. I had a g37 years ago and was thinking Q50 afterwards but walked away after seeing gas prices up and a not so good mpg , the g37x was heavy on gas :persevere: and I was like nope no more for me. At the time they offered me the Q50 without navigation for $600 out of pocket and $340 a month. This was some years ago. Overall you get a great entry luxury car for a very good price.

No apple or android carplay. Its not a perfect vehicle but its 300hp , lots of tech and cool leather sport seats. And like you said its one of the better looking sport sedans.

I think the car will be like this style design until 2021 but next year (2020) should have the apple android carplay integrated and some more tech upgrades.

I loved my G37x (best non turbo v6 ever made) which IMO was a true 3-series killer and enjoyed my first q50 3.7 luxe almost as much.


Congrats! Nice deal.

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Beat my deal from a month ago by $300 over life of term!

My only gripe with this car is tires. Terrible ratings and $350/ea. Since we have to return with these on I’m putting a set of BFGs on which should last me 40k miles, then I’ll swap back to these crappy run flats towards the end of lease.

So you actually are putting on another $750-1100 worth of tires on a leased car?

Congrats!! Tried couple days ago for the same model @329/month and they said NFW!

Well he’s going to have to buy a set regardless and the ones on it suck and it needs to be returned with the overpriced crap ones, did you not read what he said?


Absolutely, rather spend $900 and drive on good tires then these POS OEs that I’d have to change 1-2 times ($1,500 each time).

So in reality I’m saving up to $2k.

FYI contracted miles are 47k and OE Dunlop tires last 20-30k max.

Interesting! Do you live in a part of the country that has rough or bumpy roads?

I am only going to be putting ~30K mi on my lease and its mostly city. Won’t be pushing this thing hard.

You’re the one raking the guy over the coals for buying a set of tires when he clearly stated the reason, but yeah I’m the jerk…:roll_eyes:


If you get 20k out of the OEM Runflats, you will be lucky. They are notorious for wearing quick, regardless of how easy you drive.


Jeezus…are we sure these Signature Ed 19" tires are the same as the Sport trim with the bad rep? Or are you talking about ANY stock runflats, any diameter?

I never had problems with my 17" runflats on my last Infiniti and I was about 36k on those with all the tread fine.

I also had a 15 MY premium which came with 17” Bridgestone run flats which weren’t all that bad.

Tire rack link to OE Dunlop’s on signature and sports

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Hated those POS tires! They were bald @16K miles!