Signed: 2019 Nissan Leaf SL Plus 24/15

This was a deal I did for my dad who was hell bent on getting a Leaf Plus. We test drove “used” etrons last weekend, but it was a bit more than he wanted to spend or commit to. Just FYI for any other Leaf lovers out there🤷🏻‍♂️

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Leaf SL Plus
MSRP: $44,300
Selling price pre incentive: $38,500
Monthly Payment: $440 pre tax
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 15k
MF: .00122
Residual: 50%
Incentives: $8175 lease cash, $1k loyalty
Region: AZ

JFC. That is E-tron level money right there. Another 100 and he could have had massage seats.


Lol not for $0 down and 15k miles a year. Best I could get on a sign and drive etron was $950 at 15k.

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I tried to get him to pull the trigger on a Bolt Premier when I got mine in Jan for $200 less a month than this. His reply: the Bolt is so much uglier than the Leaf!

Did not see that 0 down, my apologies. Be careful using the B word around here shivers. You are right, with 0 down on that exact deal and this month’s incentives it would be about 320 more per month with 0 down for 15k.

Good advice on the B word :joy:

I blasted all 4 Audi dealers here In AZ and none wanted to play ball. One quote was as high as $1100 sign and drive and they had/have 13 Prestige’s still.

Wow. I will take my 2020 Bolt Premier 15k/yr lease for $279 mo…and a liquid cooled battery.

Yeah I’m a few bucks less than that on my 20’ Bolt Premier 36/12k. I guess $200/month more since the Leaf is so sexy?? :joy:

I don’t think the Leaf and sexy should be mentioned in the same sentence unless your mostly blind lol. :upside_down_face:


I’m with you there. Those are my old mans words :joy: