Signed. 2019 new BMW x6 sDrive35i, $569 a month including tax, 2K DAS

Signed 2019 new BMW x6 sDrive35i

MSRP: $66645
Selling Price: $57xxx
Monthly Payment: $569.xx including LA tax
Cash Due at Signing: $2000 (1st months, fees, some $ to make even as 2K)
Incentives: $6250 including loyalty. This dealer did not want to take OL code.

Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: marked up. Dealer was not willing to negotiate MF to .00177 but gave additional discount on selling price. So at the end, MF and selling price got mixed up, but made deal on 2K DAS and $569 monthly
Residual: 59

Region: SoCal
Leasehackr Score: 10.3
10.8?? if you include CCA rebate of $1000 minus $134 for 3yr membership

Overall, experience at the dealership was easy and pleasant. Had some miscommunication because they marked up the MF. I thought about walking away, but they provided additional discount to make up for that. My goal was $550ish monthly, but thought that it was close enough considering that there were not many X6 that I could find near my area.


OMFG! A great X6 deal!!!

Amazing deal, congrats !

One of the best X6 deal on this board I think!!
Please share the photos in the Trophy thread if you have time~

Wow - great deal! Can you share the dealership? I’m in the market for one, was looking to get before EOM.

Can you please share the dealer info please. My lease is due on the 27th.

Is MSD paying in advance? how many months?

Hope you are a fast learner or good payer. And you are trying to go from a prius to an x6?

Prius was for my dad. I drive a x5 currently. I’m looking to get x6

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