Signed 2019 Mercedes Benz E-300 $1345 Down, $506/Month (Pre Tax)

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This is my first post here on leasehackr (yay me). I signed a deal today for a 2019 E-300 which was a retired loaner. I traded in my 2016 BMW X1 for this vehicle. I owed $18,529.40 on my X1, Mercedes Benz Downtown gave me $18,500 for my car and I planned on putting $2,000 down, but Mercedes Benz paid the first month’s payment so I put $1342.72 down. My monthly payment is $546/month including taxes. I was originally in the market for a retired X3 loaner, but BMW Downtown was not able to make me an offer that I felt made sense. I absolutely love, love, love this E-Class. I feel it is a better lease than the X3s, but I would love your input. Also, I added photos! My grandpa was so excited to see the car :heart:.

Updated 5/12/2020: I added a photo of my lease agreement and updated my calculator.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Mercedes E-300
MSRP: $65,650
Sale Price: $48,699 25.7% off MSRP
Monthly Payment: $506/Month Pretax $546/Month Posttax
Drive-Off Amount: $1345
Annual Mileage:10,000
MF: .00145
Residual: $35,710.50
Leasehackr Score: 10
Leasehackr Calculator Link: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Congratulations and welcome to Leasehackr!

A couple things to tweak for next time but overall, pretty good!

Swing by here next time before you sign and you’ll get an even better deal.

With that said, as long as you’re happy with the car and cost, all is good.

Also, your calculator is way off. If you provide us some more contract details we can help you fix it if you’re interested.

Enjoy the car!


Thank you so much! Yes, I apologize for the inaccurate figures on the leasehackr calculator :confused:. How do I determine the money factor? I also posted the lease agreement if that helps. Again, thank you for your input :pray:t4:.

Congratulations and do share the pics of the beauty.

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Thank you so much! I added a few photos :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Hope you’re doing well!

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One should normally determine buy rate MF ahead of time by going to Edmunds and then comparing that with the value the dealer is looking to charge before signing.

After the fact, you need the section of your lease that lists adjusted cap cost, residual value, and rent charge to calculate it.


Looks like you got a pretty decent deal, but for future reference:

  1. 10 MSD’s would have saved you approx. $2300 over the lease term.

  2. Permaplate is a BS dealer add on. Acceptable if discount compensates for it, but just be aware that it’s not residualized (You’re paying the full amount over the lease term) and is worth $0 practically.

  3. Looks like you posted a dealer invoice, not a contract or lease breakdown quote, so really hard to take much from that.

  4. Hard to tell anything with the trade. They can really obfuscate deals. What was fair market value? What did carvana, carmax etc offer?

  5. Always need to verify what base MF is on Edmunds. Dealer can mark it up but obviously this will dilute the discount level.

  6. Never put money down on a lease. It’s senseless and you could lose it all if vehicle is stolen or totaled.

  7. Enjoy the car!! Looks beautiful!


Ah, I see. Yes, next time I will do that. I explored the forums on Edmunds a bit after reading your post. Thank you for this information, I will try to post the actual lease contact details instead of the invoice in a bit. I’d still like to know the money factor in the deal do I can practice and be more informed next time. Thank you again!

If I were you I’d also block out signatures and any unique identifiers such as VIN, stock number etc. @Donttellmewhattodo

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Oh. :sweat_smile: ya, that is the invoice. I’ll try to post the actual lease breakdown, my apologies. Carmax offered me $15,500 for my trade and the value on kbb was $15,566 when I used their online tool. BMW schomp appraised my trade using pictures only and they offered $15,900. So I had about $3000 negative equity going into the deal.

When I looked for cars with comparable miles, year, and location to mine on carvanna and, they were selling for approximately $20,500. Another thing I want to share about my trade was that it was out of warranty in Dec 2019 and sure enough needed a repair Jan 2020 :woman_facepalming:t4:. Cylinder misfire, but BMW covered it under good will and replaced the ignition coil and all spark plugs.

While repairing that, they mentioned I would need to replace the water coolant pump at some point (a $1,809 repair) which prompted me to look at getting rid of it. It would have been $4,000 to extend the warranty. I wish I wouldn’t have bought a used bimmer!

Mercedes downtown then offered me $18,500 for my car. I agree that I shouldn’t have put money down, I will know for next time. I thought putting money down would help eat up some of the negative equity, but I see it just went towards the lease. Overall I am happy with the purchase, going from a x1 to a E-class has been a huge leap forward lol. But I also recognize I could have done more had I informed myself a bit more. Thank you again for the insight, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts!

Thank you, I will do so now. Good looking out!

If you’re ever near my vehicle, please don’t put your keys on the hood. :laughing:

Enjoy the car!


:sweat_smile::joy: It wasn’t mine yet in this pic! Lol ya, I’m gonna stop doing that. Thank you!

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Was this a service loaner? That’s a big discount from MSRP.

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Yes, it was! There are some huge discounts at Mercedes dealerships in my area right now on 2019 retired loaners. I believe incentives were included in that discount off the msrp.

Overall it seems good for an EClass….enjoy :slight_smile:

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The LHC link shows the odo miles

Thank you so much!

Looks awesome. Congrats. Did you buy prepaid maintenance plans and should told them to waive bank fee. Enjoy

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I really like the color! Looks like a good deal, enjoy the car!

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