Signed: 2019 M850i 36/10 $926 $3250 DAS MSRP 120k


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 BMW M850i
MSRP: $ 120,500
Monthly Payment: $ 926 plus tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3250
Annual Mileage:10k
Incentives:3k loyalty, 1500 cca
Region: Nor cal
Leasehackr Score: 10.8
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

The calculator is approximate. The way they structured the quote was difficult for me to tell what some of the fees go where in the calculator. But the basic stats are correct.

What do you think? I’m surprised I got the deal.


Pretty awesome deal, better than anything I have been quoted by at least 200 per month. Congrats, love the color combo

Great deal! Sooner or later they had to start dumping 850s, they do not seem to be selling very well. The LC500 is another vehicle I am waiting to see get dumped.

You signed a lease contract and got a copy of it…all the numbers are on there :slight_smile: That’s why it’s so important to understand how to read a lease contract before you sign it.

Great deal!! Love these cars!

Yeah I signed it. I had done the math myself on the calculator here and the numbers they gave were actually about 12 dollars better per month. So I didn’t question it nor feel the need to dig in deeper.

I understand the beyond the basics of leasing however there are lots of minor taxes or fees that I don’t really know where they are categorized.

Anyways it’s all good I got exactly what I wanted.

I wish there would have been deals on the LCs. But they’ve been on sale for 3 years now I think? And nothing. The prices still suck. So this was the one for now.

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Great deal. Beautiful car.

This is a beautiful car and you got a rocking price.

The LC is a Lexus and Lexus doesn’t negotiate. They definitely don’t do as much as BMW ever would.

Let Lexus yield market share to the other makes. The M850 in my opinion is the better drivers car anyways.


@joshposh TY, one of my option to get next year when my 7 lease is up. this is a good price point to start. And this car is new. Love the car!! Enjoy it with leasehkr worthy!!

How about you let me take over your lease right now and make an 1,000. Lol. I been searching for this deal, nothing close. Also test drove the LC500, this is a far better interior.

Ha. I’ve put 10 miles on it and more importantly my wife would kill me. The amount of cars I’ve had in the last 5 years is staggering. I’m lucky to still be alive. A one day lease would be next level danger for me:)

I have a deal with my wife that every time I get A new car I have to pay her $1000. So your offer would actually net me zero :slight_smile:

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I had a dealer contact me last night offering me 20 percent off (too late) on a black MSRP 117k. In NorCal. If anyone wants the guys contact PM me. He knows I was looking for 21 percent so maybe you can work the same deal and get your payments lower than mine even.

If my lady offered me that deal I’d take it to save me from all the heat I’ve endured from my car addiction.

I still get heat. Its just my “punishment”. Its not like I just pay her 1k and all the sudden the problem goes away.

Looks great (both car and deal)! I literally just watched a review on YouTube this morning on a M850i.

You’re getting off cheap. I had to get the Mrs an X3 M40i to get her off my back. :joy:

Finally able to replicate something similar. Had to buy 2 cars from dealership. $928 plus tax, $2500 drive off. But had to do 7 MSDs to get that. Darn it, but I liked the color combo and sucked it up. Carbon Black on Ivory. And got an X1 as a pet to qualify for loyalty

That’s awesome. What options/MSRP? My understanding is that there are sometimes VIN specific incentives which is how I was able to luck out on mine, I gave a few dealers names out to some people on here. I wonder If anyone else had any luck.

Enjoy it. It’s a beast.

Awesome car and you got a great deal!
Hoping to get my pops in to a convertible one when his current lease is up.
Drove the M850i and absolutely loved it, so many great features and it has a lot of GO

118xxx, Drivers Assist pro, Carbon Fiber Roof, Remote Start. My dealer got it from another dealer.

The same dealer that got my i8 for like 750 a month, and their in network sister dealer got me the NSX for 1300.

So they have done me right despite making me buy the X1 as a companion.

I was really into the Carbon Black since it got some blue, and I wanted a non black interior. And it was like really hard to find one around me.