Signed 2019 Giulia Ti Sport RWD

Thanks to @tbenfit closed on this deal past weekend:

2019, Giulia Ti Sport RWD
While Exterior, Black/Red interior

MSRP: $50,190
Monthly: $459+tax
Cash Paid at signing: $1180
Months: 24
Mileage: 12K/year
Overage: $0.20 per mile




Put them pics of that bad boy on trophy:)

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Looks like a good monthly, can you detail the sale price, MF and incentives ?

Enjoy that bad boy!

Looks good, congrats!!

@tbenfit is it possible to replicate this deal or something similar? I am also in NorCal

Not as aggressive as this, Not now as the dealer hit the monthly quota. Maybe next month

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