Signed 2019 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE $235/Mo True $0 DAS



Signed this on the last day of the year. I was inspired to look around for a deal by the California Fusion Hybrid thread. The incentives were not nearly as good in NY as they were in CA and dealers wanted nothing to do with 10%+ off, however for the money I am happy with the car. I have a $250 BJs card coming in the mail that will further reduce the effective payment by a few bucks.

**MSRP: $28450
**Selling Price: $26400
**Monthly Payment: $235
**Cash Due at Signing: $0
**MSD: $0 (NY)
**Incentives: $5250 lease, $1000 RCL renewal, $750 BJs, $250 USAA

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10500
**MF: .15%
**Residual: 46%

**Region: NY
**Leasehackr Score: 9.6 years (true $0 DAS)


What is rcl incentive?


thats red carpet lease renewal, meaning they had a ford lease in the household, so additional 1000 for renewing and sticking with ford


My dealer was not listed as a participating dealer on the bj’s/ford website so I did not exercise that option. Wonder if I could have.


Similar to this. Great job.


Can you share the dealer info?


Can you share the dealer info with me?


Would I be able to get the additional $1000 if the wife is currently driving a Ford and I would be getting this to replace a different vehicle?


i dont think the renewal cash is available anymore, if wife’s lease is through ford credit, yea you will be able to get the discount but check here to see if its available in your region